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Pencil Holder Crafts for Kids

Our pencil holder crafts for kids will help you turn plain old paper rolls into functional pencil holders. What better way to create your school supplies than make them yourself. You get to have fun crafting and save money!

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We’ve made two different pencil holders out of paper rolls. The ideas are endless, with the same base idea.

For our squid pencil holder we have shown you how to create a multi-container pencil holder. 

Below is an idea for a single, very cute, pencil holder for back to school.

Pencil Holder Crafts for Kids: Bookworm

This bookworm pencil holder craft ideas is the perfect way to recycle used materials and make them into something great! You can color this little guy whatever color you wish! Why not make lots and keep some for pens, some for pencils and some for crayons!

Craft Supplies:
  • Paper roll
  • Green paint
  • Paint brush
  • Construction paper
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Black marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Time to Complete:

30-45 minutes, plus drying time

Step #1:

Paint your paper roll with your green paint. You may need more than one coat, depending on the thickness of your paint. Set is aside to dry. 

Step #2:

Get a piece of white paper and fold it in two. Cut a circle out of the paper, leaving a small section uncut so the two circles stay attached.

Draw two black pupils in the center of each.

Step #3:

Pick a color of pipe cleaner. Cut out one long length and two short lengths. 

Make the long length into a figure 8, then attach the two shorter lengths to either side of the “8” (the top and bottom of the 8).

Step #4:

Grab a piece of green paper (to match the color of your paper roll). Cut out two hand shapes. 

Make sure these shapes are proportional to the size of your paper roll. 

Step #5:

With more construction paper you are now going to make the book for your bookworm. 

Cut out a rectangle for the cover (in the color of your choice), cut out two smaller rectanges from white paper for the pages of your book.

Step #6

Glue these all together at the folds of the papers. Be sure the colored paper is on the outside and the paper inside. 

Step #7

Grab your two green hands we cut in step 4, glue one hand on each side of the book. Set this aside to dry.

Step #8

Now, once your paper roll is dry, glue on the eyes you made in step 2.

Underneath the eyes, use your black marker to draw a mouth and a tiny nose.

Step #9:

Glue your arms to each side of the paper roll, below your eyes. Glue your pipe cleaner eyeglasses to each side of the eyes.

Now, you can get to studying for school and store your pencils in these smart pencil holder for kids!

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