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Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids

A great activity for kids is my fun collection of pirate coloring pages which keeps them in the Summer spirit and gives them a break from the hot sunshine! 

free pirate coloring pages to print

Little boys and girls love coloring at any time of the year. This is why I keep a stack of free printable coloring pages within my reach.

Quite often as soon as June hits I start my Summer coloring pages and activities. We sometimes do some butterfly coloring pages or a Summer wordsearch 

Recently my son has developed a real love of pirates! We have made a ton of pirate crafts including a toilet roll pirate ship and a paper plate pirate

All we needed to add to our collection was some fun pirate printable coloring pages! The good news is I have 10 of these to print and color. Kids can pretend they are sailing the seven seas looking for treasure as they complete these! 

You can see a preview of some of my favorites below and there is a link at the bottom of the post to print out the complete pack of 10 free pirate coloring sheets.

Treasure Chest Coloring Page

What do all pirates roam the sea for? They are looking for treasure of course. These guys must have got lucky because what a loot of treasure they have found. Can you work out what is inside the chest? Ask kids to write down or say what they see.

treasure chest coloring page


I can see a pearl necklace, diamonds and some gold coins!! I wonder what else might be inside this wonderful treasure chest. 

Scary Pirate Coloring Page

Are all pirates scary or are some actually nice? I guess they would be nice if they shared some treasure with you. Anyhow this particular guy is scary. He has his parrot on his shoulder, his eyepatch, his skull and cross bones pirate hat, his hook and a sword so that he can do battle with anyone that comes close!

scary pirate coloring page

Can you think of a pirate name that would suit this guy? Why not write it beside him whenever you have finished coloring him in. 

Pirate Ship Coloring Page

Every pirate needs their own ship, I mean how else will they find treasure. They will be sailing in the ocean looking for deserted islands to explore. 

pirate ship coloring page

Can little kids count how many sails are on this ship? I would not want to be onboard as they sea waves look quite big! 

Would you like more varieties of ships to color? How about some larger pirate ship coloring pages?

Pirate Island Coloring Page

Ahoy there mateys, the pirates onboard their ship have found a deserted island laden with treasure!! I guess it is their lucky day. 

pirate island coloring page


Will the pirates claim this island as their own? I can already see that lots of gold coins have spilled out from the very full treasure chest!

Pirate Map Coloring Pages Idea

Every pirate needs a map to be able to navigate their ship to a deserted island. Can you color this in for your new pirate friends. 

pirate map coloring page

Can you spot the X on the map? This is where the treasure is buried!!

This is only a small selection from my printable pack, the full set can be found at the bottom of the page. Hopefully this gives you a flavor for what is included. Remember you can print these as many times as you wish!

You can print my free PDF pirate colouring pages for free below:-

Free Pirate Coloring Pages pdf

What other pirate pictures to print would you like to see featured? Maybe you would like to see some famous pirates featured such as Blackbeard? 

Will you Print my Free Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids?

Free Pirate Coloring Pages for Kids

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