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Best Free Butterfly Coloring Pages Online

Spring has sprung and lots of new life is starting to appear including pretty butterflies! Little kids love free butterfly coloring pages as they can decorate them however they wish.

These coloring pages of butterflies can be colored in however you wish! Maybe you might have a feature species and want to decorate your picture in the same colors?

printable butterfly coloring pages free


Free Printable Butterfly Coloring Pages

My children love butterflies and are always amazed by their different colors. If you want to see lots of different colored butterflies the best way to go is a flower garden. 

The last time we visited one in England we saw lots! Some zoos and garden centres also have butterflies for you to look at.

Do you know that there are over 10000 different species of butterflies in the world! I mean how amazing is that.

The types vary between different countries and regions! Here in the UK the most popular type is the Meadow Brown. Will you color one of the sheets below in these colours (brown and orange and have your own Meadow Brown butterfly picture?

I only have 13 butterfly coloring sheets right now but I am in the middle of creating many more!

I plan to have some for preschool which will emphasize B is for Butterfly which will help younger kids learn words as well as help them to improve fine motor skills. 

Why not combine these with easy butterfly crafts to keep kids happy!

Cute Butterfly Coloring Page for Kids

How cute is my free coloring page. for preschool kids. It features a pair of butterflies happily flying above some flowers. What colors will you choose? You could do matching flowers and butterflies. 

Why not encourage older kids to try and spell the word butterfly above the lovely picture. 

free butterfly coloring page

You can print this Butterfly Coloring Sheet as many times as you wish because it is free!

Why not stick your completed work onto some cardstock and turn it into a greeting card. You could use it as a Mother’s Day card or even a Birthday card for someone who celebrates in Spring or Summer. 

How cute are these free Spring coloring pages?

Butterfly Coloring Page for Toddlers

I think the cute Butterfly coloring sheet below is perfect for 2 and 3 year olds. This pair of butterflies are flying below a rainbow!

butterfly coloring page for toddlers

Print this toddler coloring sheet below:-

Butterfly Coloring Toddler

Printable Butterfly Coloring Pages Set

I have shown a few of my favorite colouring pages butterfly below. You can access printable Butterfly coloring sheets PDF at the bottom of these images! They are FREE!!

Not many people offer several images free but I know how much kids love coloring so I always try and have some freebies. 

First up is the fun butterfly and bicycle coloring page. How nice would that be to go on a bike ride and see lots of butterflies on your travels. I guess the flowers in the basket are enticing them to fly nearby!

butterfly and bicycle coloring page

Intricate Butterfly Coloring Sheet for Older Kids

Sometimes older children like something more detailed to color in. This is a stand alone image with nothing else featured.

My kids aged 5 and 6 would find this too difficult to keep within the lines, but nonetheless it is good for them to improve their fine motor skills.

butterfly coloring page for adults

Butterfly triangle shape coloring page

Look how many triangles are inside this pretty butterfly! Why not ask your little kids to count them and see what number they can count up too. This is great for practising mathematical language too, i.e which triangle is bigger. 

triangle butterfly coloring picture


Last one I am going to feature is this pretty butterflies and flowers coloring page. There is so much detail in this picture and it would take little kids quite a while to complete – bonus more quiet time for Mummy!

butterflies and flowers coloring page

Remember I have 12 butterfly pictures to color which you can download and print below.

Free Printable Butterfly coloring pages

Please tell me which are your favorites? If you like animal themed coloring, you should also print zoo animal coloring pages

What other things would you like to see alongside the butterflies? How about some bees? Bees like flowers as much as butterflies to. 

Check out my large collection of free printable coloring pages for kids to find even more great pictures to color in.

Still want more butterfly activities then why not try my origami butterfly

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Will you Print Some of these Free Butterfly Coloring Pages?

Free Butterfly Coloring Pages

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