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Pirate Crafts For Kids – Fun Boys Activities

Be like Long John Silver with these fun pirate crafts for kids. Kids love to play pretend, and pirates have always been a favorite among little boys. And, with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean this has made pirates even cooler.

Learn how to make a construction paper pirate hat craft, telescope, eye patch, ship and more!!

Pirate kids having fun

Fun Pirate Crafts for Kids

Mini Pirate Hat: Make mini pirate hats to decorate for a pirate themed party or just for fun!

Easy Pirate Puppets – make your own pirate puppets using colored craft papers!

Pirate Craft with Toilet Paper Roll – make a mini pirate from paper roll

Pirate Ship Craft with Paper – once you have your hat why not make a paper pirate ship

Pirate Eye Patch: ARRR MATEY!! Turn yourself into a genuine pirate with these eye patches.

Telescope: Land Ho! Be able to spot Treasure Island with this telescope.

These crafts are a great way to help them dress up like a pirate, and go sail the seven seas.

First up – How to Make a Pirate Hat

This kids pirate hat craft can be made with very few materials in quick smart time, so that your little wannabe Captain Blackbeard can pretend he is looking for treasure!

Mini pirate hat - a fun craft for boys

Mini Pirate Hat - A Fun Craft For Boys

Yield: 1 hat
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: free

Easy to make mini pirate hats to decorate for a pirate themed party or just for fun!




Step #1:

Fold a piece of black construction paper into three parts. Folding two sides into the center.

Fold construction paper in three

Step #2:

Trace the shape of a pirate hat onto the two outside folds. Cut these shapes out. In the center cut the width to about the same as the Styrofoam cup.

Step #3:

Paint a Styrofoam cup with black paint. Set it aside to dry. If you wish to speed up the process (like we did) color the cup with a black marker instead.

Paint a styrofoam cup black

Step #4:

Dab glue along the brim of the cup, and glue it into place in the center of the folded paper.

Glue styrofom cup to the folded paper

Step #5:

Trace a skull and two bones with a white piece of paper. Add eyes to the skull with your black marker. Cut these shapes out and glue them to one side of the pirate hat.

Cut out a skull and two bones from white construction paper

Step #6:

Glue both the flaps to the paper cup and allow it to dry.

Glue paper flaps to cup and let it dry

Arrrggghh matey!! We have ourselves some pirate crafts for kids with these mini pirate hats. Use them to decorate for a fun pirate theme!

Pirate Eye Patch Craft

Pirate eye patch

Of course, the meanest of pirates have an eye patch. Guess there was a lot of accidents with the swords!

Craft Supplies:

  • Black Bristol board
  • White paper
  • String
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step #1:

Cut out a piece of Bristol board, a little larger than your eye.

Step #2:

Cut out a skull (like on the hat) and glue it on the black Bristol board.

Step #3:

Punch a hole on each side of the patch.

Step #4:

Tie a piece of string to each hole. To wear the patch you would just have to tie those two pieces together around your head.

Pirate Telescope Craft

Pirate boy decked out with a pirate hat, pirate eye patch and a pirate telescope

Land Ahoy!!! Well, you won’t know without a telescope to check the seas ahead.

Craft Supplies:

  • Paper towel roll
  • Construction Paper
  • Fake Gems
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step #1:

Cover the paper towel roll in black paper. Glue it down.

Step #2:

Decorate with fake gems.

Step #3:

Add the pirate marking of the skull to a spot on the roll.

Jazz It Up!!

With this craft, if you have an old pair of glasses hanging around, or go to the Dollar store and buy a pair of reading glasses, you could glue the lens to one end – give them a more realistic telescope.

Now with these three pirate crafts for kids they will be all set for their adventures. May be lucky and come home with a pot of gold!

An imagination is a powerful tool, and with these crafts the adventures will be endless.

Please remember to let your little boys and girls do my pirate color by number Great way for kids to appreciate digits! 

One of my most recent activities is my paper plate pirate crafts for kids! I had so much fun with it and like my others it is highly recommended for pretend play!

paper plate pirate with eyepatch craft process

As you can see this scary looking pirate comes with patch attached. You can however move his patch using the attached popsicle stick! 

Do you like these Pirate Crafts for Kids?

easy pirate crafts


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