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Pirate Ship Craft With Paper

My pirate ship craft with paper is perfect for Summer and pretend play for boys and girls! Ahoy there my matey!

easy pirate ship

I love doing craft with paper and as you can see from my site I certainly have an immense collection of these, whether you want to make a Koala bear or a Princess I have it covered!

My latest creation is this easy pirate ship craft, which will test kids fine motor skills and ability to follow step by step instructions. 

You could combine this with other ocean crafts for kids and encourage children to think of other things they might find either floating or swimming in the sea!

Find out how to make a pirate ship craft for kids below. Remember to scroll to the bottom of my post to find my pirate boat template to complete this activity. 

easy pirate ship

Pirate Ship Craft With Paper

Yield: 1

This pirate ship craft with paper is one of my favorite Summer crafts for kids.


  • 1. Colorful craft Paper (brown, blue, black, white, gray)
  • 2. Paper Glue.
  • 3. Scissors.
  • 4. Colorful Marker Pens for drawing fine lines
  • 5. Ruler for straight lines
  • 6. Pencil.


Before you start make sure you have printed the free PDF Template found at the bottom of this post, as well as all your craft supplies listed above.

Step 1:

Take the PDF template and cut out the pieces for the pirate ship craft with paper

Step 2:

Using a brown marker pen draw horizontal lines on the ship’s body.

Then use a blue marker pen to draw the details on the circular windows for the ship. Kids might want to tackle this or Mum might get to do it.

Step 3:

Glue the 3 circular windows in the middle of the ship’s body. Try to spread them equally.

Step 4:

Then take the skull and glue it in the middle of the black flag. Every pirate ship should have one of these!

Step 5:

Glue the white sail and the black flag on the brown paper strips.

Step 6:

First glue the sail on one corner of the ship,

Step 7:

Then glue the black flag on the opposite side from the sail. Keep a picture of the completed craft beside you and you will not go wrong.

Final step:

Now finish it off by glueing the anchor on the ship.


You can leave the sail white or decorate it as you wish. Perhaps you might want to write a small message on it.

Why not make this alongside some of my other pirate crafts for kids, which help you make a coveted pirate hat! You could also try and make my pirate ship from a toilet paper roll

You could stick this pirate ship on a paper plate with blue paint and imagine it floating away into the middle of the sea! 

How about sticking it onto some cardstock and making it into a Birthday card for a friend! If you like you can also do some pirate coloring pages and use them as a front cover for a card also. 

Before you go remember to print out your free PDF pirate ship template to help you complete this activity

Pirate Ship Craft Template

Do you like this Pirate Ship Craft with Paper?

Pirate Ship Craft With Paper

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