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Toilet Paper Roll Pirate Craft

This toilet paper roll pirate craft is perfect for little boys and girls who love crafting and want to play pirates for the day!

pirate craft with toilet paper roll

Kids love play pretend crafts and Mum’s love ones that let us recycle that stuff we would normally put straight into the bin; in this case toilet paper rolls. 

He is easy to make with some colored craft papers and my free template. He is one of my favorite simple toilet paper roll crafts for Summer

This little guy looks fit to sail the seven seas! He comes complete with eye patch and skull and crossbones hat. 

I have started to gather up quite a collection of pirate crafts for kids so please be sure to check them out.

pirate craft with toilet paper roll

Toilet Paper Roll Pirate Craft

Yield: 1

Ahoy matey who wants to make this toilet paper roll pirate craft! He will take no nonsense with his eye patch on show!


  • 1. Toilet Paper Roll
  • 2. Colourful craft Papers
  • 3. Paper Glue.
  • 4. Scissors.
  • 5. Colourful Marker Pens.


Step 1:

Print out the free template at the bottom of the post and cut everything out.

Step 2:

First we will make the pirate hat by gluing the white skull and bones onto the hat.

Then use a marker pen to draw an outline on the pirate’s head bandanna.

Step 3:

Now glue the black stripes horizontally on the white rectangular piece. Keep equal distance between the strips.

Step 4:

Now, take the blue rectangular piece and glue it around the bottom side of the toilet paper roll.  You can use whatever color you like here, I just thought blue worked well against the white and black stripe.

Step 5:

Then, take the black and white piece and
glue around the tissue paper roll right above the blue piece.

Step 6:

Now, take the pirate’s eye patch and glue it on the top side of the toilet paper roll. No pirate is complete without one.

Pirate simple toilet paper roll crafts

Step 7:

Glue the head bandanna right above the eye patch around the paper roll. Our toilet paper roll pirate craft is almost complete.

Pirate Cool Toilet Paper Roll crafts step by step

Step 8:

Take the pirate’s hat and glue it on the top of the tissue paper roll and slightly overlap it with the head bandanna.

Step 9:

To complete our mighty pirate craft with toilet paper roll use a black marker pen to draw a smile on the pirate’s face, or maybe he is angry and you want to draw a frown! Either works.

What will you do with your cool toilet paper roll craft pirate? Perhaps you will use him for pretend play. If you have any toy boats or ships you can pretend he is sailing on them! 

Will you give him a name? Can anyone think of any good pirate names? I am pretty sure there is a pirate name generator somewhere on the internet. 

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Before you go please print off my Pirate craft with toilet paper roll template to make this as simple as possible:-

Tissue Paper Roll Pirate

Do you like this Toilet Paper Roll Pirate Craft?

Toilet Paper Roll Pirate Craft

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