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Disney Princess Mulan Craft With Paper

If you love Disney Princesses, you will adore my Princess Mulan craft with paper. 

Princess Mulan Craft with paper

Easy paper crafts for kids are brilliant as these use very few materials! Quite often all you need are some colored craft papers and scissors.

Crafts with paper and scissors are brilliant for improving kids fine motor skills.

In this Princess craft you get to create Princess Mulan, from the movie! You can use this to make a card or picture for your wall. 

Why not make a Birthday card for a friend and stick this on the front!

I think most little girls will adore this!

Princess Mulan Craft with paper

Disney Princess Mulan Craft With Paper

Yield: 1

Disney Princess Mulan craft with paper will help little girls make this adorable picture.


  • 1. Colored craft papers (yellow, black, blue, red, green)
  • 2. Craft glue or Pritt Stick
  • 3. Marker pen for fine details
  • 4. Pencil for fine details
  • 5. Scissors - I use safety ones so that kids can do the cutting!


Step 1:

Select a colored craft paper for the skin tone (you can pick whatever you wish, maybe an off white shade) . You will also require green, yellow, blue, red, black and pink colored paper for the Mulan craft with paper.

Trace the body and hand patterns on the paper selected for the skin. Trace the other patterns on the appropriate colored craft papers - look at the picture of the completed craft while doing this for guidance and you cannot go wrong!

Step 2:

Grab the yellow rectangle paper and create small and even accordion folds on it. This will help you make a pleated skirt for Disney Princess Mulan to wear!

Step 3:

Get the green (long sleeves) top and attach the 2 small strips along the top neck border of it. Grab the blue top and attach the red strip along the middle part of it.  

Step 4:

Now attach the blue top on the top of the green top. This will complete the top of the Princess outfit!

Step 5:

Cut slit along the yellow line of the hair pattern.

Step 6:

Insert the top side of the head through the slit from the bottom side of the hair pattern. Apply glue to fix the position of the head and hair.

Step 7:

Attach the green-blue top on the top side of the paper body.

Step 8:

Attach the accordion folded skirt right below the top. Hold the top end of the accordion folded paper to bring its width same as the width of the body and then attach it. It is important that they are properly lined up.

Use a black pen to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of Mulan.  


Older kids will be able to follow these instructions and complete this Princess craft, whereas younger kids will need some help from Mom! They will be able to attempt some some cutting and gluing together however!

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Before you go please ensure you print out my PDF template to complete this paper craft! The good news is that it is free!

Princess Mulan Template

Do you like this Princess Mulan Craft With Paper?

Disney Princess Craft with paper

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