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Tiger Craft with Toilet Paper Roll

If you are missing the zoo why not do this Tiger craft with toilet paper roll! It is much less scary than a real tiger! This toilet paper roll tiger is very easy to make using my step by step craft directions. 

tiger toilet paper roll craft

Tiger Toilet Paper Roll Craft

The tiger is now an endangered creature so they are precious! Make sure and keep your tiger craft safe from harm! 

Did you know you can hear a Tiger’s roar up to 2 miles away?! One thing for sure this toilet paper roll Tiger does not roar so do not be afraid!

Why not make one of these to celebrate Global Tiger Day on July 29th!

My easy craft tutorial provides a PDF template and all the instructions you need to recreate this tiger! You do know that the tiger is part of the cat family so you may want to do this alongside some of my best cat crafts

Before you start you might want to see my extensive list of crafts with toilet paper rolls – you can pin it or bookmark it for later use!

Find out how to make a tiger out of toilet roll

tiger toilet paper roll craft

Tiger Craft with Toilet Paper Roll

Yield: 1

A cute zoo animal activity which lets you do a tiger craft with toilet paper roll.


  • Toilet Paper Roll.
  • Colourful craft paper
  • Scissors.
  • Craft Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Dark orange, black and blue Marker Pens


Step 1:

Print out the given PDF template, then cut out the pieces from the template using scissors and colourful craft papers.

You should consult a picture of the finished craft to see what colors to use. Some are yellow and some are beige.

Step 2:

Use dark orange marker pens to draw the tigers stripes and blue and black marker pens for the eyes.

Tiger Toilet Paper Roll Craft Procedure

Step 3:

Now follow the numbers on the template and number on the instructions to glue the pieces together for the tiger.

Firstly take piece number 1 and 2 which are the inner earpieces of the tiger and glue them on the tiger's ears.

Then take piece number: 3, it’s the mouth for the tiger, glue it on the
bottom side of the tiger’s head.

Step 4:

Then take piece number 4 and 5, these are the tiger’s eyes, glue them to
finish the tiger’s face.

Step 5:

Cut out a yellow craft paper according to your toilet paper roll’s circumference and height. Roll it around the roll and stick it down with glue.

Step 6:

Now, take the piece number: 6 and glue it on the toilet paper roll.

Step 7:

Now take both legs of the tiger (piece number: 7 and 8) and glue them
on two sides of the tissue paper roll. The numbering makes this tiger craft with toilet paper roll easy to complete.

Tiger Toilet Paper Roll Craft with paper and scissors

Step 8:

Now glue the tiger’s head on the top side of the tissue paper roll.

Step 9:

Finally glue the tiger’s tail (piece number: 9) on the backside of
the paper roll.

Tiger Toilet Roll Craft Template

As promised here is my free template to help you make your tiger! Toilet Roll Tiger template

I love all my animal crafts for kids and this one is right up there with my favorites! Please also check out my other zoo animals;  Lion craft with toilet paper roll and my monkey craft!

I also have some great animal hand puppets, including a paper bag tiger puppet

You could easily do a zoo animal theme with your kids and make all of these in a week!

Do you like this Tiger Craft with Toilet Paper Roll?

Tiger Craft with Toilet Paper Roll

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