Recycled Crafts for Kids

Don't throw out your old CD's you will need them for our recycled crafts for kids. We will upcycle some old CD's and a coffee tin and make a beautiful flower pot. 

Not only will we be able to grow a new plant, but we've also recycled too!

We do suggestion an adult or older child cut up the CD's. The task requires a bit more hand muscles and adult scissors.

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CD Mosaic Flower Pot

Craft Supplies:

  • Empty coffee or hot chocolate container
  • Old CD's or DVD's you no longer will use
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Age Range:

  • 6 years and up (cutting up CD's requires an adult)

Time to Complete:

  • 45-60 minutes

Step #1:

**With adult supervision**

Cut your CD's/DVD's in half. You will need scissors that are a bit heavier duty to make this task easier. Cut up about 5-6 to cover our flower pot.

Step #2:

**With adult supervision**

Once the disc is cut in half you will be able to separate the disc into two parts, a mostly clear backing and the front. 

Simply get your thumb nail under the backing and gently pull them apart - if you do this too quickly you will pull the shiny stuff off the front section (which is the part we need).

Step #3:

**With adult supervision**

Last step that will need an adult. Take all the fronts of your discs (this is the side that has the shiny part. Cut them into small random pieces. 

Don't make them all perfectly square, we want a variety so our mosaic looks random.

Step #4:

Dab some glue onto a section of your coffee tin. Take pieces of your discs and place them where the glue it. Grab pieces that somewhat fit together, and make sure the space is full. 

Step #5:

You will repeat the previous step until the container is full of your CD pieces. A few spaces are okay so don't worry about every nook and cranny being filled. Allow the glue to dry for a bit. 

In our pictures you can see the glue on the CD pieces because of the flash, once everything is dry you don't see this. 

Step #6

Dab a strip of glue around the bottom of the container. Wrap a strip of ribbon around where the glue is and let it dry. 

Repeat this for the top end of the container as well. 

Once everything dries you have yourself a beautiful new flower pot. When the sun shines it will sparkle!!

Recycled Crafts for Kids

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