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Simple Christmas Wreath Handprint Craft

My simple Christmas wreath handprint craft is the perfect activity for little kids in preschool this year!! Get them into the festive spirit with this cute idea!

wreath Christmas handprint craft

Wreath crafts are hugely popular all year long but especially at Christmas! What better way to decorate your home than a simple paper wreath that is so easy for kids to make! 

My easy Christmas wreath only requires a few basic craft materials and can be made by very young kids in quick smart time! Some green handprints, red craft paper and a giant bow complete this craft! One of my cutest handprint crafts for kids

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How to DIY Christmas Wreath for Kids – Handprint Wreath Process

Simple Handprint Christmas Wreath Craft Supplies

  • Craft papers
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Craft glue
  • Red glitter
  • A pair of scissors

To complete this easy handprint craft you can use the printable template below to make things even more simple:-

Christmas Wreath Handprint Template

Step by Step Christmas Handprint Wreath Instructions

Step 1:
Select different shades of green colored craft papers to prepare the handprints. You can simply trace your own hands for this craft. Trace and cut out as many handprints as you need to make the wreath.
green handprints for wreath craft
Step 2:
Prepare the wreath base from a cardboard sheet or you can also use a store-bought wreath base.
Step 3:
Apply glue on the wreath base and start attaching the handprint cut-outs on the base one by one.
diy Christmas handprint wreath
Step 4:
Keep attaching the handprint cut-outs until the whole base is covered nicely.
diy Christmas handprint wreath craft process
Step 5:
Trace the cut out the template patterns for the bow. The template includes, bow base, bow tails and the middle strip of the bow.
step by step christmas wreath handprint craft
Step 6:
Apply glue on the middle part of the bow base.
Step 7:
Bring both open ends of the bow base and join it with the glued middle part.
how to make a Christmas bow

Step 8:

Wrap the middle strip around the middle part of the bow pattern.
Step 9:
Attach the tail cut-outs on any one side of the paper bow to complete the bow pattern.
diy christmas bow for wreath
Step 10:
Attach the paper bow on the handprint wreath to complete the craft.
Step 11:
Glue the red cherries on the wreath to finish decorating. You can make these by cutting out small pieces of red craft paper in a circle shape and adding a blob of red glitter to the middle! I glued three red circles together as shown below to create the appearance of cherries. 
handprint christmas paper craft
What else would you like to add to your craft? Maybe you might like to make other Christmas wreath crafts such as a Santa wreath or a Christmas pudding version! Will you make lots and stick them on every door of your house? Can you imagine how pretty that would be!
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Will you make this Simple Christmas Wreath Handprint Craft with your kids?

Simple Christmas Wreath Handprint Craft

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