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Painting a Pumpkin Ideas

It’s almost October so that means it’s time for some painting a pumpkin ideas!! These are great for those who detest carving and cleaning a pumpkin out! Plus they look much better!!

Find out the proper way to paint a pumpkin, what kind of paint to use on pumpkins and some great painted pumpkin ideas! 

Easy Painting a pumpkin ideas for kids

What Kind of Paint Should You Use for Pumpkins

If you plan on spending a long time decorating and painting pumpkins it is important to use the best paint!! No one wants their artistic design to be a disaster as a result of flaky paint. 

Acrylic paint is the best paint for pumpkins! Two of the great things about this type of paint is the fact that it dries quickly (we all know how impatient kids are waiting for paint to dry) and it is water based so you can wash any mistakes off quickly and start again! 

Proper Way to Paint Pumpkins

I always try and pick a pumpkin with a smooth surface to make it look better when painted. Next make sure you clean any dirt or grime off the outside. Dry it off and plan your design carefully. Sometimes you might use a stencil or you might do it freestyle.

Then pick a narrow head brush and get started!! You may also wish to use a sealant so that the paint does not come off (I always need to do this because my kids are constantly picking up the pumpkins)! 

Painting a Pumpkin Ideas

Painting a Pumpkin Ideas

Want to know what to paint on a pumpkin?! Here are some cool painting a pumpkin ideas for both Halloween and Fall in general.

Where to Find More Cool Painted Pumpkins

Obviously this is not an exclusive list and there are lots more sites which offer great ideas on what to paint on a pumpkin. One of the ones I most recommend for unique and generally pretty awesome ideas is Plaid Online. Here I found a funny vampire pumpkin, Bambi as well as some beautifully decorated pumpkins both for Halloween and Fall!

More Halloween Decoration Ideas

If you want more ideas on easy Halloween decorations for kids to make that are not pumpkins then try some of my fun ideas below:-

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Which of these is your Favorite Painted Pumpkin Ideas?

easy pumpkin paintings for kids


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