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DIY Snowy Owl Bookmark Craft

My snowy owl bookmark craft is the perfect activity for kids who like to read and craft this Winter!! Such an easy Winter paper craft for kids! 

diy artic owl bookmark

Snowy Owl Bookmark Craft

Winter is coming and that means more time for crafting!! We absolutely love making Winter animals here at Easy Crafts for kids! Recently we made a popsicle stick artic fox and of course our easy polar bear craft is a huge hit! 

My children both love to read and sometimes have lots of books on the go at any one time, therefore they need lots of bookmarks! Previously we have made lots of bookmark crafts, mostly Christmas themed so I decided we needed to make one to take us through the Winter months! 

With owl crafts being their most popular thing this Fall I though an Artic owl would be the best idea for a new one! 

How to make a Snowy Owl Bookmark

Like lots of my easy bookmark ideas this one requires very few materials making it an inexpensive craft for kids! You can complete this in under 10 steps! It is suitable for kids as young as 6, with Mum or Dad’s help. Instructions are clear and images are provided to help! 

Craft Supplies

1. Colorful Cardstock Papers.
2. Pencil.
3. Scissors.
4. Glue.
5. Ruler.
6. Colorful Sharpies.

You will also need an owl printable template to make things even quicker:-

Owl Bookmark

Step by Step Owl Bookmark Craft Procedure

Step 1:
Download the attached owl bookmark templates to get started. Trace the owl’s patterns on your chosen craft papers. Then use a pair or scissors to carefully cut out the patterns from the craft papers.
artic owl bookmark craft supplies
Step 2:
Glue the owl’s crown on the top part of the face.
Step 3:
Then glue the half circular shaped wing on one side of the owl’s body.
How to make a snowy owl bookmark
Step 4:
Glue the owl’s tail on the bottom backside of the body pattern.
easy snowy owl bookmark
Step 5:
Glue the owl’s beak at the bottom point of the crown.
Step 6:
Glue the owl’s claws/feet at the bottom of the owl’s body.
snowy owl bookmark craft instructions
Step 7:
Use colorful marker pens to draw in some feathers details on the owl.
easy owl bookmark for kids
Step 8:
Use a black sharpie to draw the eyes to finish making your owl bookmark craft.
owl winter craft for kids
Maybe you might like to make some more animal bookmarks? How about my cute snail bookmark or my adorable penguin bookmark .

Will you make this Snowy Owl Bookmark with your kids?

DIY Snowy Owl Bookmark Craft


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