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Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath

Our tissue paper Christmas wreath craft for kids will bring the holiday season to life, and create a beautiful decoration for Christmas. 

Our Christmas wreath is not ideal for the front door, but it is a perfect decoration for inside the house, classroom or where ever you want! I can bet your kids will want to proudly display it outside their bedroom door!

tissue paper wreath christmas

This craft idea is simple, but it will take up some time.

We all know that the last week before Santa is filled with excitement and impatience, this is a perfect activity to create in that last week before Christmas.

We’ve made this so it is practically perfect for all age groups.

With the younger ones, just do the cutting for them. 

For the older ones, have them add more detail! Perhaps some kids might want to try my paper Christmas wreath with free printable. It’s great for Kindergarten and preschool! 

diy Christmas wreath craft for kids

Spend some family time together and make one of our Christmas wreaths to hang up around the house!

If you have lots of tissue paper, why not make my tissue paper snowman!


How to DIY A Tissue Paper Wreath For Christmas

Craft Supplies:

  • Paper plate
  • Green tissue paper
  • Green string
  • Red pom poms
  • Red pipe cleaner
  • Red & gold paint (or markers)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step #1:

With a pencil draw a candle on the back side of your paper plate. Be sure you put the candle in the center. 

Step #2:

Carefully cut our the center of the plate, except for the candle.

A trick, if your plate has it, follow the dent that creates a circle in the center of the plate.

Step #3:

Punch a hole in the top of the plate. Weave through a green piece of string and tie it together. This will be what we use to hang the wreath.

Step #4:

Paint, or color, your candle. We chose glitter paint to make it sparkle – but you can use markers, crayons or regular paint (the choice is yours!).

Step #5:

Rip some green issue paper into small pieces. Roll each piece into a ball – repeat this many, many times, we need to cover the entire wreath.

Step #6

Glue your tissue paper balls onto the wreath, closely beside each other. Add a few red pom poms for added color.

Step #7

Bend a red pipe cleaner into a bow shape. Again, we used a sparkly one – because we love sparkle!

Step #8

Glue your bow to the bottom of your wreath. You can glue it on top of the tissue paper, or like we did leave a small space for it.

Now that we are all done our tissue paper crafts for kids, all that is left to find the perfect place to hang your new Christmas wreath – with a candle that will never fade!

I love making wreaths and have a few more in my locker! Check out my St Patricks Day Rainbow Wreath and my Easter Egg wreath craft with paper

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Will you be making Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath?

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