Snowflake Paper Crafts

These snowflake paper crafts are probably the most common of our winter crafts for kids, I think we've have all created these little snow flakes once (okay maybe a million times).

But the great part about this craft is that no two will be the same!! Just like the snowflakes in the sky, each one is different.

When working with smaller kids, be sure to use safety scissors. This way no one will get hurt and everyone can participate!

If you are thinking of creating a number of these paper crafts, you can always do them on different color paper, or with a patterned paper. Make them all a little different.

There is also the option of varying the sizes too, just make then circles larger or smaller to make snowflakes of all shapes and sizes.

A great way to hang them is with fishing line so they look like they are floating.

Let It Snowflakes

Pretty simple, but here's how to make it snow...

Craft Supplies:

  • White Paper
  • Scissors

Step #1:

Make sure your piece of paper is a square. To make sure of this with a regular piece of paper, fold it in half diagonally.

Step #2:

To create your square cut off the excess after you folded the paper.

Step #3:

Round the end of your square, to make your snowflake a circle. Or leave it as a square if you want a square snowflake.

Step #4:

Fold this circle in half. And then in half again. It will create a small triangle, like a piece of pizza.

Step #5:

Cut out little circles, squares, lines, rectangles, etc on each side of the folded paper.

Step #6

Unfold and see what you created!!

Take these snowflake paper crafts and add some string or fishing line to hang all over the house!

Why not make them on colored or patterned paper!

Snowflake Paper Crafts

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These winter crafts are ton of fun, and much warmer than the snow outside! And, they will never melt either!

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Happy Crafting!

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