January Crafts for Kids

There is no better time to stay indoors and do some January crafts for kids after the madness and busyness of Christmas time!

Fortunately I have lots of craft ideas which will help you get the New Year off with a bang! 

kids crafts january

These kids crafts for January will keep your little ones amused during the cold Winter days which often bring icy and snowy weather. 

I know there are several days my kids nursery is closed so I always like to have some winter craft ideas to hand to keep them busy. 

My favorite crafters have provided me with an awesome selection of ideas and I really hope you like them from New Year crafts to animal crafts! 

January Crafts for Kids

Winter and snow are still here so there is no better time to do some January crafts for kids!

Here's how to make cute snowflakes out of q-tips. Kids will love making these and they are the perfect way to celebrate snowy weather as well as an excellent way to keep the kids entertained.

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This super simple craft uses materials you are likely to already have in your home! You can use what you wish but it is necessary to have white and black paint and something orange for the snowman's nose!

If you have no pieces of fabric for the scarf you can easily wrap a pipe cleaner around the snowman!

I love snowman January crafts for kids like this one, which are perfect for our snowy weather here in the UK!

This is aimed at ages 5 and upwards, although younger kids could do this one with help.

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What's better than a fun polar bear craft that looks adorable?! An edible one of course! I can imagine my 4 year old daughter would love this one as she adores marshmallows. I wonder could I keep her from eating them long enough to get the craft completed?!

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When I think of penguin's I think of igloos, ice and snow so this is the perfect paper craft for kids this January!

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These glitter jars are the perfect Winter craft if you are looking for some Winter themed decor. She has used a blue theme, which reminds me of Frozen.

This girl uses these as calm down jars and this is something I need to try with my 4 year old who gets easily wound up and throws temper tantrums.

I have lots more Frozen crafts for kids too!

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New Year is the perfect time to get rid of old craft supplies or even better recycle them.

I love this idea using old crayons! I literally have dozens of broken crayons lying around and my kids will not let me bin them!! Now I have the perfect chance to use them for something fun!

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When snow arrives and your littles are cooped up indoors send their imaginations wild with one of these cool igloo craft with cotton balls!

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Toilet roll crafts are amazing. This cute fuzzy polar bear craft can me made with some commonly available craft materials, you likely have in your bathroom!

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Snowflake painting for kids is such fun! My kids love snow and all crafts related to it. Of course painting is a massive hit in our house too!

We love to create our own snowflakes whether it is snowing outside or not!

This is super easy to do and Mum's help is minimal except for applying some masking tape!

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This paper lantern craft is perfect for Chinese New Year! I loved making lanterns when I was younger and these are easy and do not require many materials.

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How about putting one of these snowman playdough kits together and gifting it to your kid during the cold January month!

My kids love play dough and I know they would love making this snowman!

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Making snowflakes is one of the best Winter crafts for kids!! You can easily stick these snowflakes to your window to pretend it is really snowing or use them to make a poster for your kid's bedroom wall!

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How about one of these January crafts for kids where the snowman melts but doesn't leave a wet mess behind him!

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Come the end of January it is time to start Valentine Day crafts for kids and I have some great ideas for you all.

Want somewhere for school kids to post their love letters, then how about a Valentines Day Mailbox?

Do you like this selection of January Crafts for Kids?

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