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Summer Picture Frame Craft

Join us in making some great kids summer crafts like our summer picture frame CRAFT. A fantastic way to capture those sunny day memories!

Even if you spend a winter vacation in a hot place you can use this same frame for those memories too.

summer photo frame craft


Have a fun hunt at the beach and find yourself a handful of sea shells for this frame. I have to confess I love using shells for crafting, as you can see from my seashell craft couple

We had to go buy a bundle of them because we aren’t lucky enough to have beautiful sea shells at the beaches around here. So it is okay to buy them too!

The advantage of buying them is that they already are sand and debris free so no washing to do!

Summer Picture Frame Craft

Craft Supplies:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Craft foam
  • Sea shells
  • Scissors 
  • Glue

Age Range:

  • 5 years and up

Time to Complete:

  • 20-30 minutes

Step #1:

Place four popsicle sticks into a square. Glue them in place. You can choose to use a color popsicle stick – like a yellow or orange – to add a bit of extra color.

Step #2:

Pick out 6-10 sea shells and glue them along the bottom edge of the popsicle stick square you just made. 

We did find that hot glue guns will make this part a bit quicker as it dries and sets fast.

Step #3:

Grab green and brown craft foam. Cut a stem out of the brown, you want it to be long enough to cover one side of the popsicle stick square. 

Then trace and cut some palm leaves for the top.

Step #4:

Glue the palm tree trunk on one side of your picture frame. Starting where the shells leave off. Add the palm leaves to the top – this should site in the top corner of your frame.

Step #5:

More decorating with craft foam, this time we need orange and yellow for a sun. 

Cut a circle out of the yellow craft foam and a sun burst for behind the circle with the orange craft foam. 

Step #6

Glue the circle onto the orange and glue the entire sun to the last empty corner of your picture frame.

Our kids summer crafts picture frame is complete.

Pick your favourite picture from one of your many great summer memories and simply cut it to size and glue it to the back of popsicle sticks!

You can always add some magnets to the back of the picture and hang this on your fridge!

Check out my awesome list of easy popsicle stick crafts for kids for more great activities to keep them entertained!

DIY Photo Frame Craft Ideas for Summer

Can you think of other accessories you might decorate it with? Maybe you want to make lots of these and use them for your Summer memories with your family and friends. You might want them all to look a little different. Older kids could gift them to their friends with a photo of themselves inside. 

You could always paint the popsicle sticks blue to represent the bright blue sky and ocean. 

How about decorating or painting the seashells. 

Little kids might want to add a smiley face to the sunshine! My sun paper plate craft is perfect for littles who like smiley happy faces.

You could always do an ocean theme and use sea creatures as opposed to a palm tree and a sunshine. How about a dolphin, some starfish an octopus? 

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Do you like this Summer Picture Frame Craft?

diy summer frame craft

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