Summer Crafts for Kids

These easy summer crafts for kids are great for those days that are too hot to be outside, or if you are lucky enough to get a little rain through the hot dry months.

remember as a kid doing many of these same crafts at summer camp, or at home when it was just too hot to be outside.

All of these are easy enough to create on the picnic table in the backyard or as an activity at summer camp.

Use any of these finished products to decorate you house or camp throughout the summer months.

Also they can be used as great "end of school" activities, to pass the time and make some fun out of those final few days until freedom.

The "Paperclip Bookmark" craft is especially fitting for a school activity, it's a great way to promote some reading through the summer months.

I know we did those at school one year, I think Grade 5, and that year everyone in my family got a summer critter bookmark, like the one's we've created on this page.

What You Will Learn on This Page:

Printable Camping Games: Fun printable games you can easily print from your PC and bring them out to camp for hours of fun!

Paperclip Bookmark: A home-made way to keep the place in your favourite book.

Summer Windmill: Learn how to harness the wind power with a bright windmill.

Free Sumer Word Searches: When the summer weather hides and it rains use these free printables to pass the time!

Sunny Hand Prints: How about a cool sunshine made with a paper plate and your very own hands! with our

Branch Picture Frame: Bring your camping memories home with this natural frame!

Walnut Bumble Bee: Jazz up some ordinary walnuts and make them into summer bumble bees!

Clown Rocks: Collect some rocks on a family hike, then come home and decorate!

Bumble Bee Bookmark: A fun way to make your very own bookmarks with some craft foam & a popsicle stick.

Paper Fans: Super simple to make, fun to decorate and keeps you cool for hours!

Fun Plant Starters: A great way to re-use some toilet paper rolls, and get a head start on your gardening!

Paper Mache Baseball: A fun activity for camp or a family BBQ, fill this pinata with goodies and let the kids have at it!

"Crabby" Summer Craft: Take the beach to the crafting table with our crab craft made from a paper roll!

Paper Roll Octopus: Another cute under the sea themed summer craft.

Up-cycled CD Mosaic Flower Pot: Use some old CDs to make a beautiful and sparkly flower pot.

Summery Picture Frame: Popsicle sticks, craft foam and some sea shells to help you capture all your summer fun!

Mini Campfire: Create your own tiny campfire that won't burn you if you play with fire.

Mini Palm Tree Crafts for Kids: Add a mini palm tree with our mini campfire!

Sunny Pinata: Create your own home-made pinata for the summer parties.

Rock Fish: Collect some rocks and make some fish!

Popsicle Stick Puzzles: Home-made summer themed puzzles

Watermelon Summer Dinnerware: Fun disposable dinnerware for your BBQs and summer gatherings.

Citrus Themed Summer Dinnerware: More fun with disposable dinner ware for your gatherings.

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Printable Summer Camping Games

Printable Games for Camping bargain pack of 16

Camping is a great summer activity. It is a great way for the family to spend time together. 

Always be sure to bring games along, they are a ton of fun on these trips! 

Games for Camping Pack

Summer Windmill

Use the power of the wind to set this craft in motion! 

Supplies: Construction Paper, Crayons, or Markers, Pencil, Scissors, Push Pin

Let Us Teach You: Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Paperclip Bookmark

Why buy bookmarks! We can help you make home-made bookmarks - and you can make them for every occasion.

Supplies: Paper Clip, Construction Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Markers or Crayons, Glue, Googly Eyes, if needed

Let Us Teach You: Bookmark Summer Craft Ideas

Sunny Hand Prints

Bring out the sunshine with your very own hands!

Let Us Teach You: Free Summer Crafts

Free Summer Word Searches

Summer Word Searches

Beat the heat with some fun, and free summer word search puzzles!

While your summer crafts for kids dry, solve some of these puzzles!

We've made them easy PDF files to print, so click away!!

Click Here & Start Printing

Branch Picture Frame

A fun activity to do at camp, and you can capture the moment by using the frame for a picture you took at camp!

Supplies: branches, twine, shells, cardboard, scissors, hot glue and your favorite picture.

Let Us Teach You: Tree Branch Picture Frame

Clown Rocks

Summer time is great for family hiking. Have the kids pick up some rocks- of all shapes and sizes. 

We've got a great summer craft to turn those rocks into clowns!

Let Us Teach You: Kids Crafts for Summer

Walnut Bumble Bee

Summer is filled with all kinds of different black and yellow bugs, but we've decided to make our own that doesn't come with a sting!

What You Need:

  • Walnuts, Paint (black and yellow), Paint brush, Pipe cleaners, Pom poms, Googly eyes, Craft foam, Scissors, Glue

Let Us Teach You: Walnut Bumble Bee

Learning Can Be Fun with these Easy Summer Crafts!

Check out our easy summer crafts that not only promote learning they make it fun!

Crafts for the Beach

Bring the crafts to the beach... or the beach to the crafts with these beach crafts for kids!

Summer is a great time for crafts, indoor or outdoors. The kids are out of school and always looking for fun things to do during summer holidays. Use these summer crafts for kids to spend some time together.

Kids' camping activities: pack of seven games

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