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Yarn Flower Craft

If you are want a nice Spring/Summer craft with thread you should try out this yarn flower craft. It suits kids aged 6 and upwards.

yarn flower craft

Yarn Flowers DIY

These pretty flowers are so easy to recreate with some yarn, buttons and glue.

I always have stacks of spare yarn and old buttons in my sewing box and one day it occurred to me to make some beautiful flowers!

Never ever throw a button out and cut them off worn jeans, blouses and shirts! You will be surprised what amazing crafts you can make with them!

You can make as many as you like in different colors! Why not stick them to some cardstock and make them into a card! This would make an awesome Mothers Day craft

These are great for creativity! Perhaps you might make different flowers depending on the time of the year! Red ones would work well for Valentine’s Day. 

I have tons of ideas for flower crafts for kids, for toddlers right up to older children! 

How to Make Yarn Flowers

yarn flower craft

Yarn Flower Craft


  • Brown cardstock
  • Yarn - red, pink, yellow, green
  • Buttons - various sizes and colors
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Begin by cutting a sheet of brown cardstock in half to form the size base cards. This size will give enough room for 2 flowers.

Apply two generous circles of glue.

Snip two different colored strands of yarn for each card. Lay one color on each mound of glue, in a random pattern. Press into the glue and let dry.

Form a line of glue from the flower to the bottom of the card. Press a strand of green yarn into the glue to form a stem. You can also form a few leaves. Snip away any excess.

Glue a button or two in the center of the flower.

So pretty! And so fun to see what kind of flowers are created, since the yarn really ends up wherever it wants.

If you have some spare yarn leftover, why not try some of my other kids crafts with yarn.

Christmas time if the perfect time to make Yarn Christmas tree decor.

Do you like this Yarn Flower Craft for Kids?

yarn flower craft

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