September Crafts for Kids
Back to School

We've got some great September crafts for kids to help ring in another school year. September is a joyous time for parents, but not for the kids! It's back to school time!

After a summer of games and relaxing, it's time to get back into the swing of learning and homework - but its not all bad! The kids get to get back to spending all day with all their classmates and friends.

Use our fun back to school crafts to celebrate the beginning of another school year.

A great way to welcome another school year is a giving a little welcome treat to the teacher, and your classmates.

Our egg carton apple treat will help you say hello to your new teacher and welcome back to your classmates! 

Fill a few of these little treat cartons with some sweets for your friends and teacher.

Back to School Fun!

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Egg Carton Apple Treat

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Egg Carton Apple Treat

Fill this little treat apple with something healthy or something sweet and say hello to your new class.

Craft Supplies:

  • Egg carton
  • Paint (red, white and black)
  • Paint brush
  • Pipe cleaner (green)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Treat 

Step #1:

Cut out two egg carton cups. Trim them so they will fit together nicely.

Step #2:

Paint the outside of the two egg carton shells with red paint. Leave the inside for the moment, set these aside to dry.

Step #3:'

Cut a small piece of green pipe cleaner. Bend it into the shape of two leaves on a stem.

Step #4:

Once the red paint has dried, paint the inside of each of your egg carton shells with white paint.

Allow these to dry again.

Step #5:

Once the white has dried, use your black paint and paint a few seeds in the center of each of the egg shells.  

Step #6

Punch a hole in one of the two shells with your scissors. Place the green leaves into this hole.

Glue around the stem to hold it in place. 

Add a little treat to the inside and put your two apple halves together.

We are all ready for our "Welcome to School" gift! 

Once class begins your classmates will be able to open their apple and find a tasty little surprise inside. 

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Back to school is an exciting time, these September crafts for kids will make it even more fun! Kids may be bummed about having homework again, but at least they can still have a great time with these crafts!

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