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Bumble Bee Bookmark Craft

Easy Bee Bookmark Crafts for Kids

Create a buzz with our bumble bee bookmark craft for kids. We will teach you how to make fun bee bookmarks to keep the place in your favorite novel. You can make as many of these as you like because I can guarantee your friends will want to nab yours anytime they catch you reading!

bumble bee bookmark craft
Bumble bees do sting, if you bug them. But they are very cute little bugs to look at from a distance. However the good news is that you can do lots of bumble bee crafts that are safe for kids. 

We can help you make a bee craft that will NOT sting you if you touch it!

We love having a variety of bookmarks, for all our different books.

These will be a sure hit at school! No one will have the same bookmark as you. A one of a kind for sure!

These bumble bee crafts are easy to create, and you can make some for all your friends.

These are a good way to encourage kids to read books; let’s make reading fun with this cute diy bookmark craft for kids.

How to Make a Bumble Bee Bookmark

Let’s start a buzz with our bee crafts for kids! Enjoy reading and use this bee bookmark to keep your place. Watch your child show a greater interest in their books and reading activities when they have one of these. 

bumble bee bookmark craft

Bumble Bee Bookmark Craft

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Difficulty: easy

A super fun spring and summer craft idea for little kids who love books! Aimed at age 5 years and upwards!


  • Foam paper
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pipecleaner


  • Your hands and this guide!


    Step #1:

Take a piece of yellow foam, and black foam. Cut a oval out of the yellow. This will be your bee's body.

Cut out a circle out of the black. This will be your bee's head. Finally, cut out three strips from the black, for your bee stripes.

Step #2:

Glue the three strips onto the bee body. Set aside to dry.

Step #3:

Glue your googly eyes onto the bee's head. Allow this to dry.

Step #4:

Once the body part is dry, trim the edges off the strips so they match up to the body.

Step #5:

Push two small pieces of pipe cleaner through the bee head, above the eyes. These will be your antennae.

Curl both of the pipe cleaners.

Step #6

Glue your head onto the body.

Step #7

Take a white piece of foam and cut out a heart shape. At the bottom of the heart cut it straight.

Step #8

Glue your wings on the back of your bumble bee. Place the popsicle stick in between the wings and bee.


Make as many of these as you wish. Keep them for different books or give them as gifts to friends!

Your bookmark will be all the buzz with our bee crafts for kids!!

You could also turn these bee crafts for kids into magnets instead of bookmarks. It’s as simple as not adding a popsicle stick and putting a magnet on the back.

Another idea is to use your bookmark as a puppet! My little girl always sticks a popsicle stick onto the end of all her paper crafts and uses them in this way! We have lots more ideas for puppets for kids here on this child friendly site! 

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Did you like this Bumble Bee Bookmark Craft?

easy bumble bee bookmark craft for kids

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