Cat Mask Paper Plate

Use our cat mask paper plate crafts for kids to help the kids get creative and play pretend. Imagination is an important part of growing up!

cat mask printable


Help the little ones make masks of all kinds like this cat mask. 

You can make anything:

  • dog, princess, frog monsters, mouse, monkey and whatever your imagination can come up with!

An integral part of growing up is developing your imagination and creativity. Creativity is a great outlet for emotions and makes you a well rounded adult. Plus, creating is so much fun! 


Cat Mask Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Craft Supplies:

  • paper plate
  • construction paper
  • pipe cleaners
  • crayons
  • string
  • scissors
  • glue

Age Range:

  • 4 years and up

Time to Complete:

  • 30-45 minutes

Step #1:

Bend pipe cleaners in to the shape of cat ears. You will need two, and the color is your choice – whatever color you want your cat to be!

Step #2:

Cut out two pieces of construction paper to match the shape of your ears. Glue it to the center of the ears.  

Step #3:

Bend more pipe cleaners into whiskers. You will need two sets.

Step #4:

Cut your paper plate in half, also cut a small notch for your nose. Cut two eye holes above the notch for your nose. Decorate the half you cut the colors you want your cat to be. Cut two small holes in each side and thread through your string. 

Step #5:

Glue your whiskers and ears onto your mask. The ears will go on the rounded edge of the plate and the whiskers will be on either side of the nose notch.

Now create a little play or skit that needs a cat for a character and have the kids use these mask crafts for kids to help act out their play.

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