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Christmas Caroler Craft for Kids

Have some fun with Christmas caroler craft for kids to help with your holiday decorating. Christmas is fun, and crafting is a blast… put them together and you have a super fun time!

Christmas Caroler Craft for Kids

One of our favourite household items to use for crafting is paper rolls… and they are plentiful in most houses, between toilet paper and paper towels!

This time we thought we would add a little melody to the Christmas decorations and make some little carolers from paper rolls.

We’ve started with one, but make a whole band of these for decorating this year. You can make them in lots of different colors! 

These are a cute craft and they can be done at home, at school or even at Sunday school. 

This is one of my favorite Christmas toilet paper roll crafts for kids

Christmas Caroler Craft for Kids:

Craft Supplies:
  • Paper roll
  • Paint (variety of colors)
  • Paint brush
  • Marker
  • Construction paper
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Pom Pom
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Time to Complete:
  • 30-45 minutes, with a bit of drying time.

Age Recommendation:

  • 6+ years old

Step #1:

Take your pom pom and cut it in half. Be gentle handling it, as pom poms can easily fall apart once cut up. Just flatten each half and set aside.

Bend a piece of pipe cleaner (of a matching color). The size needs to be proportional to the pom pom halves.

Step #2:

Cut out a piece of construction paper and fold it into a book. Make sure that the size is something proportional to a paper roll. 

With a black marker, draw in either words to songs or music notes – something for your little caroler to sing to.

Step #3:

Cut out two little mittens from some matching colored construction paper. 

Step #4:

Paint a third of the paper roll with peach paint, this will be your carolers face.

Step #5:

Paint the area of the paper roll below the peach with any color you wish. This will be your coat for your caroler.

Step #6

Paint the area above the peach with a brown color, this will be the hair on the caroller.

Set your paper roll aside to dry.

Step #7

Glue the mittens you cut out onto the outside of your caroling music book.

Step #8

Once the paint on your paper roll has dried, draw a little face on the peach section with a black marker.

Step #9:

Take the two halves of pom poms you cut earlier, glue one to each side of the carolers face. 

Glue your pipe cleaner over the top and to each of the pom pom halves.

Step #10:

Glue the books/mittens to each side of the paper roll in the area that is the carolers coat.


Let your little caroler sing their little heart out this holiday season with these Christmas paper crafts for kids.

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