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12+ Cute Kids Cork Crafts For Christmas

Best Kids Cork Crafts For Christmas

Everyone loves cute cork crafts all year long but especially at Christmas time! These are super simple to make and can double up as gifts or home décor; the choice is yours! Some people use them as Christmas wood crafts to sell and I can see why!! 

christmas crafts with corks

Wine corks can be transferred into some fine Christmas crafts for kids. Some of these are super simple and only need a few materials, others need a little more love and care and some help from Mom and Dad!

Whether you want to make a reindeer or Santa, Christmas tree, wreath or sleigh there is a guide here!


Cork Crafts For Christmas

These Christmas cork crafts feature reindeers, Christmas trees and some more goodies!

Which one of these is your favorite? How long did it take you to make them?

Next time you enjoy a bottle of wine make sure and keep the cork aside to carry out some of these great Christmas cork crafts.

If you like these DIY Christmas wood crafts then you may also enjoy making my Ballerina ornament or my Paper reindeer ornament

Did you like these Christmas Wine Cork Crafts For Kids?

cute cork crafts for christmas

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