12+ Cute Kids Cork Crafts For Christmas

Best Kids Cork Crafts For Christmas

Everyone loves cute cork crafts all year long but especially at Christmas time! These are super simple to make and can double up as gifts or home d├ęcor; the choice is yours!

christmas crafts with corks

Wine corks can be transferred into some fine Christmas crafts for kids. Some of these are super simple and only need a few materials, others need a little more love and care and some help from Mom and Dad!

Whether you want to make a reindeer or Santa, Christmas tree, wreath or sleigh there is a guide here!


Cork Crafts For Christmas

These Christmas cork crafts feature reindeers, Christmas trees and some more goodies!

Christmas would not be complete without some festive reindeer crafts! You can make these jolly animals from anything, just check out my toilet paper roll reindeer, he's awesome!

This wine cork reindeer only needs a few supplies including wine corks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom poms and felt! He could be hung on your Christmas tree or could be placed in the middle of your dinner table!

This kids wine cork craft is aimed at older kids, but younger ones can do it too with help from Mom or Dad.

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Christmas crafts are hugely popular in our house, especially my pine cone Christmas tree.

This is such a cute cork craft for Christmas and one my kids will beg me to do over and over! I am guessing they will be asking me to make rainbow Christmas trees for them as they love color.

Note you will need Dad's drill for this one so I would keep a close eye on younger kids if they are doing this particular activity.

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Reindeers make from wine corks look great as does this little guy hanging on the Christmas tree! You could even pair him with my candy cane reindeer!

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How cute is this cork craft for Christmas! It is a pastel colored Christmas tree! This would be a great small gift for a Granny but would also look fab in the middle of a table or on a windowsill.

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Everyone loves displaying a Christmas wreath on their front door during the Christmas season!! This wine cork one is perfect and unlike others is very cheap to make!

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You can make lots of great Christmas crafts with wine corks and this Star is one of them!! How fabulous does it not look above the fireplace. It can be used all year long not just for Christmas.

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Who wants a sparkly snowflake to decorate their home this Winter?! This is fun to make and looks great!

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Cork crafts for Christmas seems to heavily focus on reindeers! This one looks different from the others I have featured as he stands up alone! I am guessing my 4 year old will want to make this one and keep it in her bedroom as her 'pet'.

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Ho ho for Santa cork crafts for Christmas! This one transforms a wine cork into the good man himself! She even suggests you can use this as a bowling game! Kids will really enjoy making this along with Mum and then playing a game of bowls afterwards!

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Hands up if this is one of your favorite cork crafts for Christmas! It is mine for sure, it is so creative and looks so darn pretty hanging on that tree!

You only need a few supplies to make this beauty! This would be a great one to sell at the Christmas stall!

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This wine cork Christmas tree is complete with pom poms, which serve as the Christmas baubles I assume and a star on top!

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This Christmas tree craft uses different sizes of wine and champagne corks to create this fabulous piece

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Next time you enjoy a bottle of wine make sure and keep the cork aside to carry out some of these great Christmas crafts.

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