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Pipe Cleaner Butterfly

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Using our pipe cleaner butterfly crafts for kids, you can decorate your house or class room with fun little butterflies. All you need is some colorful pipe cleaners, and glue.

pipe cleaner butterfly craft

Add a magnet to the back and they are perfect for the kitchen fridge or the classroom black board.

Or, if you want to clip it to your books or papers add a paper clip instead!

You get to pick any colors you wish for your butterflies.

We’ve gone with very bright catchy colors – make sure everyone sees our magnet when they come into our kitchen.

Only a few materials, and very simple to make, these free Spring crafts for kids will be a hit with children! If you want a simpler craft for younger kids you can try my butterfly handprint art


How To Make A Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Magnet

Get some bright colored pipe cleaners and we can show you how to turn them into cute butterflies! Just a little glue and a lot of creativity!

pipe cleaner butterfly craft

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly

Yield: Several
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 22 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: cheap


  • Pipe Cleaners (in a variety of colors)
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Magnet Stripe


Step #1:

Take one of your pipe cleaners and curve it in half, attaching the ends together.

Bend the center of the loop to create a heart shape. You will repeat the process a second time.

Step #2:

Repeat the same process as Step #1. Only this time use a different color and make them a little smaller.

Step #3:

Take one pipe cleaner of each color and twist the ends of them together, to create one wing. Repeat this process for the second wing. Flatten out the ends of each. Set these aside for a moment while you create your butterfly body.

Step #4:

Take two different colors of pipe cleaners. Twist them together. Bend it in half.

Step #5:

Take your two wings and twist the flattened ends together.

Attach your body to one end, starting in the back and bend it towards the front covering the middle of the two wings.

Step #6

Twist the body of your butterfly over the center of the wings. Make sure all the pink and orange are covered.

Create a round section at the top and position the two ends of the pipe cleaner so they create two antennae.

Step #7

Glue on your googly eyes to the rounded area just below the antennae. Glue a magnet stripe on the back side. Cut any excess out of the way so it is not seen from the front view.

Kitchen fridge or chalk board, these cute little critters are a definite eye-catcher!

Use sparkly pipe cleaners for even more pizazz!!

Decorate chalk boards and fridges full of these cute butterfly crafts for kids!

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More Butterfly Crafts for Kids:

That’s not the end of our butterfly crafts, we have a ton more. Just look below and keep on crafting!

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Do you like this Pipe Cleaner Butterfly?

how to make a pipe cleaner butterfly

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