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Candy Cane Reindeer Christmas Kids Crafts

Christmas kids crafts are a great way to fill up the days before Santa arrives. Candy cane reindeer are amongst some of the most popular crafts to make. Crafting will keep the little ones busy will they anxiously await the man in the red suit. These will also get them using their creativity too.

candy cane reindeer

These crafts can be used as decorations, tree ornaments or gifts.

Avoid the mall madness and give out home-made gifts this year.

Our reindeer candy cane craft is a cute way to decorate an old favorite Christmas treat.

You can make a bunch of these and give them to your classmates, friends and family.

Write out your Christmas cards and tape one of these cute little reindeer to the envelope. Your Christmas cards will the talk of the town. 

How to Make Candy Cane Reindeer

Hint: If you are planning on making a large number of these reindeer (and the kids are old enough), use a hot glue gun to speed up the process.

Craft Supplies:

  • Glue
  • Small red pom poms
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipecleaner (brown)
  • Candy cane

Step #1:

Wrap your pipe cleaner around the bend in the candy cane. Leave an equal amount of the pipe cleaner on each side.

Step #2:

Using a pen, or your finger, twirl each side of the pipe cleaner. These will be your antlers.

Step #3:

Glue your googly eyes on the short end of the candy cane, below the antlers.

Step #4:

Glue your nose, centered, below the eyes.

Optional Fun additions to Your Candy Cane Reindeer

Besides the basic instructions above, here are a few other unique variations of these Christmas kids crafts:

  • Put a pink bow between the antlers to turn it into a girl.
  • Use sparkly pipe cleaners, or a variety of different colors.
  • Change up the size of your googly eyes and nose.
  • Add a ribbon scarf around the long end of your candy cane.
  • Glue a bell on instead of a scarf, or attached to the scarf.
  • Lots of people have asked me how to make antlers out of pipe cleaners so I thought I should offer a description. Instead of twirling the antlers, use a secondary pipe cleaner and create realistic looking antlers. You would just need to cut small pieces and twist them onto the base.

Hang these cute little reindeer up in your tree. They make for a unique way to decorate rather than plain old candy canes.

Candy Cane Reindeer in the Christmas Tree

If you like you can learn how to make beaded candy cane ornaments which use dollar store supplies!

Christmas Gift Ideas with This Craft

As we already mentioned these Christmas kids crafts are a cute way to decorate your cards. Just tape one to the envelope.

Candy Cane Reindeer: Great Addition to a Christmas Card

Here’s a few more great gift ideas you can use:

  • Snowman Soup Craft – Place one in with your snowman soup treat.
  • Give one to each of your class mates with a small card attached. You can punch a hole in the card and tie it to your reindeer neck with a ribbon.
  • A bouquet of candy cane reindeer. Put them all in a vase, or tie them together with a bow.

Great Ideas for Christmas Ornaments

Learn how to turn some more pipe cleaners into great Christmas decorations like these pipe cleaner ornaments.


  • Pipe cleaners (various colors)
  • Christmas tree hook, or string

Let Us Teach You: Kids Christmas Ornament Crafts

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Do you know how to make a candy cane reindeer and use it for a gift or ornament?

how to make candy cane reindeer

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