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Cute Santa Pop Up Card Craft

Send Christmas greetings with one of my DIY Santa Pop up card crafts for kids!! These are so much fun to make and they make an ideal Christmas card for friends and family. 

I love sending Christmas greetings to my friends and so do my children. This year we decided to make a few pop up cards for Christmas.

Santa pop up card for Christmas

The kids thought it would be a great idea to send one card to their entire class as opposed to individual cards. These DIY pop up cards are a great idea. The teacher can stick it to the blackboard after passing it around all the pupils. 

The benefits of these are that they encourage creativity and little ones imagination. Not to mention the fact it is cheaper to make one card for the class as opposed to sending one to everyone. It is also good for the environment; we do not want to be wasting paper do we.

If you do not want a Santa themed one you can make my Snowman pop up card instead 

Please use my free step by step craft procedure to help you recreate this adorable Christmas pop up card with Santa. This is just one of my unique pop up cards

I have made lots of new Santa crafts this year as my children love the man in red. 

You can see how this Pop up card for Christmas looks in the video below


santa christmas pop up card

Cute Santa Pop Up Card Craft

Yield: 1

This cute Santa pop up card is the perfect Christmas craft for kids who want to send Christmas greetings to their friends.


  • Cardstock paper.
  • Craft papers.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Marker pens.


Step 1:

Cut out the pieces for Santa Claus using the PDF templates and craft papers. You can see what they should look like below.

santa claus pop up card supplies

Step 2:

Glue the hat’s Pom-pom and lace to the hat.

Then join the belt buckle to the belt with glue.

Glue the collar to the shirt.

Glue the sleeve’s and trouser's laces.

Step 3:

Glue the shoes to Santa’s trousers and the hands to the sleeves.

Step 4:

Glue the body to Santa’s clothes. 

And then, glue the hat on top of the head.

how to make a Santa pop up card

Step 5:

Now take the nose, beard and moustache, and glue it on Santa’s face. Then use a marker pen to draw the eyes.

Santa Claus Christmas craft

Step 6:

Cut out the Christmas tree and decorations/ Glue the tree’s trunk and the colourful punched paper cutouts to the tree.

Step 7:

Glue the tree to Santa’s hand.

santa claus with Christmas tree craft

Step 8:

Select your card. Make two vertical slits on the middle of the closed side of the card (3-4 centimetres).

how to make pop up card instructions

Step 9:

Fold the slit and then pop it inside the of the card. You can see how it should look below.

pop up card images

Step 11:

Glue the Santa on the card.

diy santa pop up card for christmas

Step 12:

Choose your cover for the card. 

Then glue the “Happy Christmas” quote on the cover.

You can also freestyle the front page and add whatever you wish.

how to make a Happy Christmas pop up card

Step 13:

Cut out a square piece of white paper.

Step 14:

Fold the paper into four. It should look like this:-

Step 15:

Use the template to draw the shape of the snowflake on the folded paper.

Step 16:

Cut along the outline.

paper snowflake instructions

Step 17:

Open the folds to reveal your snowflake.

snowflake paper craft for pop up card

Step 18:

Glue the snowflakes on the card to complete your Santa Pop up Card for Christmas.

Christmas Santa Pop up card diy

You can always add your own message inside this card or add more decorations. My kids like to add glue and then sprinkle some gold glitter on top. 

Why not combine this with my rocking Santa craft with paper for double the crafting and double the fun!

You will need my free PDF template to complete this craft:-

Santa Pop Up card Template (Black/White)

Santa Pop Up Card Template Color

Will you be making my Santa Pop Up Card?

Cute Santa Pop Up Card Craft

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