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3D Rocking Santa Craft

Is everyone rocking around the Christmas tree like in the popular song?! This Christmas craft features a 3D Rocking Santa Claus craft who is getting into the festive spirit just like the rest of us. 

rocking santa claus craft with paper

With Christmas just around the corner it is important to make time for crafting. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of food shopping and buying presents, that you actually forget to sit down and spend time with your kids when they come home from school. 

I always find that Christmas is a great time for crafting. Kids are generally full of energy and excitement as they anticipate Santa’s arrival.

In my house quite often I stick on a Christmas movie and get back to planning for the big day. Too much screen time is never good so that’s why this year I am planning on doing lots and lots of easy Christmas crafts to keep my kids amused and away from the screen. 

Some favorite crafts in our house are my Rudolph Reindeer bookmarks and my Christmas carol singer craft

rudolph christmas bookmark craft

christmas caroler craft









This 3d Santa Claus paper craft is very easy to make provided you follow my step by step craft procedure below (Mum and Dad you will need to help little kids as there is quite alot of steps.

You can see from the video what he should look like as he moves from side to side. I can almost imagine him saying Ho Ho Ho as he rocks!

Find out how to make a 3d Santa Claus that rocks below

rocking santa claus craft with paper

3D Rocking Santa Craft

Yield: 1

This Christmas craft features a 3D Rocking Santa who is getting into the festive spirit just like the rest of us. 


  • 1. Colored craft papers
  • 2. Colored cardstock paper
  • 3. Embossed paper
  • 4. Sharpie
  • 5. Craft glue
  • 6. Pencil
  • 7. Scissors


Step 1:

It is important to gather everything you need at the start as this Santa Claus puppet craft can take quite a long time.

Select red colored cardstock paper, red, black, white, pink and yellow colored craft papers and white embossed paper for this craft.

Trace the hat, sleeves and half circle (base) on the red cardstock paper,

Trace the moustache, eyebrows and beard on white paper

The head needs to go on pink paper,

Do the belt on black paper

I would trace the buckle on yellow or gold paper

Finally trace the gloves on red paper and the sleeve and hat borders and
pompom on white embossed paper.

Cut out the traced patterns nicely. You might like to encourage your child to help do the cutting. Great for fine motor skills.

santa claus puppet craft supplies

Step 2:

Attach the eyebrows, moustache and the beard cutouts to the head cutout.

how to make santa claus face

Step 3:

Attach the hat border along the bottom side of the hat cutout and attach the round embossed cutout on the tip of the hat cutout.

Cut a slit along the yellow marked lines of the buckle cutout and insert the belt through the slit. Bring the buckle to the middle of the belt.

how to make Santa's hat and belt

Step 4:

Attach the sleeve borders on the straight sides of the sleeve cutouts and then attach the glove cutouts on those sides.

diy santa claus puppet craft

Step 5:

Attach the hat pattern to the top side of the head pattern. Use a sharpie or gel pen to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the 3d Santa figure.

Step 6:

Take the half circle red cardstock paper (this is the base of the craft).

Step 7:

Fold the half circle cardstock base into half.

Step 8:

Apply glue along the open side of the folded paper and close that end. This is the base pattern of the 3d rocking Santa craft.

Step 9:

Attach the paper belt along the middle part of the triangular base pattern. You can see how it should look in the picture below.

diy santa craft for kids

Step 10:

Attach the head pattern to the top side (pointy) of the base pattern. Attach the arm patterns on both sides of the pattern to complete the craft.

Step 11:

Slightly open the bottom side of the base pattern and then you can make the papercraft Santa figure stand on that end. This means you can rock him.

Step 12: (See this is action in the Video Clip above)

If you hold and push an arm of the Santa puppet downwards and then release it, the Santa puppet will rock for a few seconds. Such a neat interactive Christmas craft for kids of all ages.

Why not make a few of these and see who can get theirs to rock for the longest. Use a stop clock to time it! 

You could also use these as Christmas decorations on your mantelpiece. Easy Santa Crafts make the best household decor

If you love all things Santa then you might also want to DIY Santa Bookmarks

Please print this free PDF Template to help you copy my Santa Claus craft:-

Rocking Santa Claus Template

Do you like this 3D Rocking Santa Claus Craft?

3d rocking santa craft

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