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Snowman Pop Up Cards for Christmas

December is my favorite crafting month of the year, especially because the kids and I get to make some Snowman Pop Up cards for Christmas.

How to Make 3D Snowman Card

In our house we try to make any much decor, cards and gifts as possible. Nowadays homemade crafts are so highly thought of. My Mother and Father love handmade gifts from the kids, and they keep them as keepsakes.

Our local card shops are crazy busy all throughout December so sometimes it is just as handy to make some 3D Christmas cards pop up. These are better than anything you will find in the shop, plus you can personalize and add your own message. 

Previously I have made Mother’s Day cards and flower greeting cards, but this year was the first time I made a 3D Snowman card with a Christmas theme. 

I absolutely love how it turned out. My kids love a good snowman and this one comes bearing Christmas presents. 

Check out my list of Snowman crafts for preschool and older kids

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These are amongst some of my favorite Christmas paper crafts for kids

Now please look at my step by step craft procedure on Pop Up Christmas Cards – How to Make 3D Snowman Card

I just love how he is in a wintery scene, don’t you!


How to Make 3D Snowman Card

Snowman Pop Up Cards for Christmas

I love snowman pop up cards for Christmas! This is the perfect 3D Snowman card.


  • Card stock paper.
  • Craft paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencils.
  • Paper glue.
  • Ruler.
  • Marker pens


Step 1

Use the PDF templates to cut out the pieces for the trees, gift boxes, and snowman.

Step 2

Glue the small embossed white papers on the top of the trees. Glue the strips on the gift boxes and glue the snowman’s hands on the snowman.

Step 3

Use colourful marker pens to draw the snowman's face, scarf and buttons.

Step 4

Take an A4 sized thick craft paper and fold it in half.

Step 5

Use the PDF “template 2” to trace and cut the middle part of the card along with the lines. 

Step 6

Then fold the cut area inside.

Step 7

When you open the card it will look like this.

snowman 3d card process

Step 8

Then use the template 2 again to trace the second lines and cut it like you did before.

Step 9

Similarly fold the cut out area inside the card.

Step 10

When you open up the fold it will look like this.

Step 11

First take the trees with the snow on top and glue them on the second level of the card, 

Step 12

Now take the snowman and glue him on the bottom level of the card.

Step 13

Glue the gift boxes on both sides of the snowman.

Step 14

Then take the star and glue it on top of the larger tree.

Step 15

Then glue the larger tree on the top level. 

Decorate rest of the card with snowflakes and a few more trees.

Step 16

Cut out a card stock paper.

Fold it in half.

This card should be a few centimetres larger than the opp up card.

Step 17

Glue this red card stock paper on the back of the pop up card to finish it off.

Remember you need to print your free template to help you complete this fabulous craft. 

Pop up Snowman Card Template for Snowman, Trees and gift boxes

Card Template

What message will you put inside your 3D Pop Up Christmas card? Will your kids make lots of these and send them to their friends?

Maybe you want an easier snowman card to make? You can always learn how to draw a snowman and use this as the front of your card?!

If you want more easy Christmas craft ideas you can find some suggestions below:-

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Do you like these ideas for Snowman Pop Up Cards for Christmas?

Snowman Pop Up Cards for Christmas


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