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Easter Hatching Chick Craft with Template

As soon as the Spring days hit my kids and I start doing our favorite Easter Hatching chick craft! We make so many of these with different colored eggs. You can keep them by themselves or stick them onto some cardstock and make a Happy Easter card or even a Spring Birthday card!

hatching chick craft for Easter

I love easy Easter crafts for kids and this is such a good idea for children of all ages. Preschool kids will enjoy decorating the egg and older ones will too.

You can use the patterns from the template or you can let your 3 year old freestyle and see what they come up with!! Why not make lots of different colored eggs; you can print several copies of the template if you wish.

Your little chick can have different eggs to hatch from!!

This craft procedure has only a few steps and the free PDF template makes it so simple that young kids will be able to do this alone (win win for Mom who gets some free time to maybe have a coffee)

If you love baby animals you will also enjoy my list of cute chick crafts, which are perfect for Easter.

hatching chick craft for Easter

Easter Hatching Chick Craft with Template

Yield: 1

This Easter hatching chick craft with template is perfect for kids who to craft with paper this Spring! It is so simple and lots of fun!


  • 1. Cardstock paper.
  • 2. Colourful craft paper.
  • 3. Pencil.
  • 4. Scissors.
  • 5. Glue
  • 6. Awl (small pointed tool to make holes in the egg)
  • 7. Plastic wire.


Step 1:

Grab your supplies and print out the templates to get started.

First, you need to cut out the eggshells and the pieces to decorate the egg.

Easter hatching chick craft supplies

Step 2:

Start gluing the wavy patterned strips and zigzag strips on the eggshells.

easter egg decorating

Step 3:

Then glue the circular and square pieces in between the
wavy and zigzag strips.

easter hatching chick craft step by step procedure

Step 4:

Glue the chicks eyes and beak.

easter hatching chick

Step 5:

Use an awl to punch holes on one side of the eggshells

Step 6:

Attach both shells using a plastic wire through the holes on the shell

Easter hatching egg

Step 7:

Now take the eggshells and glue them on the whole egg.

Only glue the sides of the bottom shell, leave the middle part and the top eggshell unglued

See the picture below

easter hatching chick picture

Step 8:

Then place your chick inside the egg.

You can close and open the egg as you please

easter egg chick craft

Watch the joy on little kids faces as you move the top of the egg back to reveal a baby chick!! 

Will you make this into a card for someone for Easter! It would be an awesome idea for a new Baby card. You could add a message ‘Congrats on your new Hatchling’!

You really should use my free printable template to complete this craft; it is perfect for little kids

Hatching Easter Egg and Chick Template

Do you like this Easter Hatching Chick Craft with Template?

Easter Hatching Chick Craft with Template


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