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Easy Easter Crafts for Kids 2023

Need more easy Easter crafts for kids 2023 that aren’t about the Easter Bunny?? We’ve got tons! The ideas are endless, and we want to make sure the children stay creative, and have lots to create!


We’ve got a few crafts made out of those household items you probably have in your cupboards – like paper plates, paper cups, or empty pop bottles!

And other items that are about everything BUT the Easter bunny himself. 

The Easter bunny gets a dedicated page, Click Here for Easter Bunny crafts 


What You Will Learn
on This Page:

Easter Treat Basket: Make your own unique, one of a kind treat basket with an ordinary paper plate.

String Mache Easter Egg: A fun twist on your ordinary paper mache, give out Easter treats in a whole new way!

Kinder Duck Surprise: Here’s a cute and unique way to give our some Easter treats!

Easter Egg Wreath – this Easter paper craft will let you make a decoration for your front door!

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Kinder Duck Surprise

Kinder DuckKinder Duck Crafts for Kids Fill this cute duck with a few little candies and it makes a great gift for your family and friends!

Supplies: Kinder container, craft foam, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue and scissors. 


Easter Treat Basket

easter paper plate craft Fun way to get excited for the big Easter Egg hunt, and also a great way to make sure you don’t drop your treats!

Supplies: White paper plate, Crayons, Pom poms (various colors), Pipe cleaner, Hole punch, Glue

Easter Paper Plate Treat Basket

String Mache Easter Egg

yarn easter egg craft These easy Easter crafts are a fun way to give out treats this Easter. Wrap them in a string mache Easter egg. 

This can also be used just as decoration, without treats in the center.

Supplies: String (or yarn), Treats, Glue, Water, Bowl

Let Us Teach You: Easter Egg Crafts

Easter Egg Wreath 

easter egg wreath craft

This Easter egg wreath is made from paper eggs which are decorated in various patterns and colors!

Of course you can decorate yours however you wish.

You can even put a Happy Easter message on it

How about sticking some photographs on the middle of each egg.

You could put a picture of a good friend or family member.

Chick Craft With Cardboard

chick cardboard crafts for kids

Make this adorable chick couple from cardboard!

She comes complete with bow in her hair, and Mr chick has a bowtie

These two are very easy to make and kids will really love putting them together

Check out my other cute chick crafts too!


One of my newest easy Easter craft ideas involves a quilled paper Easter egg! You can make this as intricate as you like or keep it simple depending how good your kids are at quilling. 

paper quilling easter egg

If quilling is your thing I have another great Easter quilling craft in the form of a cross! Celebrate the fact that Jesus died on a cross for us with this cute craft. 

paper cross crafts for kids

I have also made an Easter picture with moveable paper elements including a bunny, eggs and carrot. This is super simple to make as my free printable template has everything you need. It can be used for story telling!

Easter Scene Paper Craft for Kids

Finally I have step by step guidelines below how to make another treat basket but I have not had time to get my pictures uploaded yet!

Maybe if you make one you might be kind enough to share it with me!

If you want to make some homemade Easter cards then I recommend you opt for my He is Risen Card craft!! 

he is risen craft for kids

Pop Bottle Treat Easter Basket

Every kid needs a treat basket for Easter morning!

These easy easter crafts will help you make a cute basket out of a recycled empty pop bottle.

What You Will Need:

  • Empty, and cleaned out, Pop Bottle
  • Construction Paper
  • Markers
  • Pipe Cleaners or String
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step #1:Have an adult cut the top half off of your pop bottle. This will leave a bowl like container for your Easter treats.

Step #2:

Cut out different Easter designs and glue them all over the outside of your basket.

Step #3:

Punch a hole in each side of the top of your basket.

Step #4:

Use pipe cleaners or string, and tie it into each side. This will create your handle to carry your basket.

Jazz It Up!!

Fill it with tissue paper or basket filling, and treats of course!.

Make your house an unforgettable stop for the bunny with these easy Easter crafts for kids!

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Be sure to check back with us frequently, we are always coming up with new ideas to share!!Easy Crafts for Kids is social too! Be sure to join us and keep up to date on what the Crafty Critters are up to:

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