15+ Cute Easter Chick Crafts

Spring is when new life reaps, and these cute Easter chick crafts are perfect for this time of the year.

My kids love watching the hens but they love it even better when the eggs hatch and the tiny chicks are born, normally during March/April time! We live near several farms so we get to appreciate this!

spring chick crafts for easter

There are stacks of chick crafts for kids, like my Spring chick who is super simple to make!! My kids love playing with him afterwards. 

Get stuck into these suggestions, which I plan to add too as I come across more chick Easter crafts for kids!

15+ Cute Easter Chick Crafts

These cute Easter chick crafts for kids will keep them busy during the Spring months and over the Easter holidays! They will be able to use most of them for pretend play and house decor. Perhaps your little children might want to give some away as gifts to Grandparents.

How cute is my little spring chick who looks as if he has just hatched out of an egg carton!! This little guy/gal is made from pom poms and pipe cleaners.

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I adore my spring chick made by recycling a foam cup and adding features, feet, beak and googly eyes.

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How adorable and soft do these easter chicks look! They only require 5 materials including pom poms and yarn! The end result is fabulous!

I could imagine my kids taking these to bed in place of their teddy bears.

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This Easter chick craft using a drink koozie is the perfect way to keep your drinks cool on a warm Spring day. Easter is in mid April this year and occasionally here in the UK we get decent sunny weather, so we need bottle coolers and this is perfect.

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These rainbow colored chicks would be an ideal craft for kids to do at an Easter party.

This blogger uses wooden eggs but when I was a little girl we used to decorate real boiled eggs as chicks and roll them down a hill to see who won.

You could do all sorts of games with these wooden chicks, without the hassle of them cracking!

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Easter chick crafts like this one using a cup are super easy to do! I have several foam cup crafts right here on my site, and I love them.

The kids can do the painting for this craft, and Mom should help to cut the wings and beak. Of course you could always substitute the paper wings for feather wings should you have some in your craft drawer.

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If you have balloon loving kids in your house, chances are they will go cluck crazy over this chick craft!

I would suggest you have lots of spare balloons in case you burst one while adding the beak and feet.

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Spring crafts for preschool do not come much simpler than this, but there are few materials needed. This make it an inexpensive craft for a group of children to do at the same time.

Why not make one in every color?! This is a good opportunity to teach the different colors to 3 year olds!!

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If you are looking for a 5-10 minute spring chick craft for your toddler or preschooler this fuzzy chicken is it!

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Unlike some of my Easter chick crafts this one is made with the real deal, i.e hard boiled eggs!

Just make sure you are not tempted to crack into them!

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Handprint crafts are hugely popular and this Spring chick craft is no different.

Kids are sure to love getting their hands and feet covered in paint for this fun craft!

This is a good opportunity for kids as young as 4 to test their cutting skills and see how well they can cut out their own handprints.

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Look at this super soft squishy chick!! The picture is deceptive but I am told it is the size of a small ball, which means your little can lie on it and use it for cuddling!

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Paper crafts for kids are immense and this one uses bleeding tissue paper, as opposed to normal tissue paper.

This looks so much fun, I can really imagine my 4 year old doing this craft.

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Paper plate animal crafts are one of my most visited posts here on this website!

This paper plate chick is different to what I have come across before but it looks unreal.

It involves using yellow Easter grass to make the chick's face. I think this is a great sensory activity for kids, and adds a bit more to their craft experience than just coloring or painting the chick's face.

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If you are looking for an Easter chick craft that you can gift to someone then this is it.

It features an adorable pom pom chick sitting on top of a gift box.

You could add some Easter candy or small eggs inside the box and give this to a child.

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This garlan chick would be an ideal Spring craft for an older child.

You can make it bigger by using larger styrofoam balls.

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Hands up if you are looking for Easter crafts for toddlers?! This is a safe way to do handprint craft without using real paint!

Adding popsicle sticks means you can use the handprints as puppets afterwards.

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What will you do with your cute Easter chicks? Will you let your kids proudly display them in their bedrooms (my 4 year old refuses to part with her favorite crafts), or will you gift them to relatives?!

If I give mine away I always make sure to take lots of pictures of them so I can remember what they looked like! 

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Do you have any more Easter Chick Crafts?

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