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20+ Cute Easter Chick Crafts for 2024

Spring is when new life reaps, and these cute Easter chick crafts are perfect for this time of the year.

My kids love watching the hens but they love it even better when the eggs hatch and the tiny chicks are born, normally during March/April time! We live near several farms so we get to appreciate this!

spring chick crafts for easter

There are stacks of chick crafts for kids, like my Spring chick who is super simple to make!! My kids love playing with him afterwards. 

Get stuck into these suggestions, which I plan to add too as I come across more chick Easter crafts for kids!

We have every type of activity imaginable and something to suit all age ranges, whether it is handprint art or a sewing activity! The good news is that kids can complete all of these with adult supervision and help. 

There are so many ways to make a chick using common craft materials. 

20+ Cute Easter Chick Crafts

These cute Easter chick crafts for kids will keep them busy during the Spring months and over the Easter holidays!

They will be able to use most of them for pretend play and house decor. Perhaps your little children might want to give some away as gifts to Grandparents.

I am hopefully planning to add a few new chicken crafts for kids this year. A chick wreath and chick pop up card are on my agenda. These will be simple enough for young kids also. 

A great painting craft for Easter is a clay pot chick. You can gift these for sure. 

Just recently I also posted some easy chicken origami instructions which will help older kids make their own paper chick!

What will you do with your cute Easter chicks? Will you let your kids proudly display them in their bedrooms (my 4 year old refuses to part with her favorite crafts), or will you gift them to relatives?!

These little chicks are my kids favorite Easter animal so I am guessing we will be doing one of these crafts daily for several weeks in the lead up to Easter!

If I give mine away I always make sure to take lots of pictures of them so I can remember what they looked like! Please tell me which one is your favorite!

Chicken Craft Preschool Ideas

I am getting lots of requests for ideas for chicken crafts for preschoolers. Whilst all my chick crafts can be used for all ages, some require more adult assistance than others.

In my opinion the easiest chick crafts for preschoolers involve paper plates. Three year olds love painting. They can paint a paper plate yellow, glue on an orange beak and some googly eyes. Mum or school teacher can help them do some handprints for wings, as well as cutting out some orange legs for their chick! 

Fruit cups and old tin cans are also easy to decorate as chicks!

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Do you have any more Easter Chick Crafts?

easter chick crafts

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