Easy Paper Craft

This easy paper craft for kids is very simple to make and take very little materials. You can make them in any color and any size. If the summers get hot, make sure to make a few of these!

Paper Fan Preview

These paper fans are great for those hot summer days.

Once the kids have made these, they will keep themselves cool all day long! 

A simple folded paper craft that requires very few materials, and no glue or scissors needed.

Simply some paper, and markers. 

Want to be more environmentally friendly with this craft?

Be green by using newspaper or old pieces of paper that mom and dad printed on.

Easy Paper Craft: Folded Paper Fan

As we mentioned, this folded paper craft requires very few materials and is very simple to make. Let us show you!

Instructions for our Paper Fan Craft

Craft Supplies:

  • Piece of Paper (sturdier will last longer than regular construction paper)
  • Markers or Crayons
  • Tape

Step #1:

Decorate your piece of paper in your desired design. For this you can use a pencil to draw it out and color them in with crayons, pencil crayons or markers.

If it is for a special holiday, decorate for each holiday and have one for every occasion.

Step #2:

Start at one end of the paper. Fold a one inch crease, and follow that by another one inch crease in the opposite direction. Repeat this until the entire paper is folded.

Step #3:

Take one end of the folded paper and pinch it together. This will leave the other end open. Just fan out this end.

Step #4:

Tape the pinched end together to hold together your fan. You can also just staple this section or tie a string around it - whichever you have available.

A few waves of these paper crafts for kids will be sure to keep you nice and cool.

Why not create one for everyone in the family - in all colors, and designs. Make one for each occasion.

(save on the energy bills by turning off the air conditioning!)

Easy Paper Craft - Paper Fan

Create this easy paper craft in all kinds of sizes by using different sizes of paper. Create different styles by using different types of paper too!

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Hope you enjoyed all our paper crafts and happy crafting!

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