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How to Make Paper Windmill – DIY Windmill Project

This craft step by step on how to make paper windmill that spins around, is one of my favorite fun and easy summer craft ideas for kids. 

Like most of my other crafts these will make a great toy windmill to take outside too, as well as to the beach. My DIY Windmill project comes with a list of instructions so that you can make one for yourself. 

how to make paper windmill

How to Make Windmill With Paper

Paper crafts are cheap and super simple to put together in a short space of time.

Plus they are suitable for kids of any age. I’ve got to admit I absolutely love crafting with paper!

This DIY windmill project for kids will be kids favorite that’s for sure. My children are always begging me to buy one of these in the shops before we go to the beach! 

They simply love watching it spin around in the wind! They also blow to make it move around when there is no wind! It is one of our best paper crafts for kids

Now we can make our own and add any design we wish! 

If you love this paper windmill you will adore my house pinwheel craft, which is basically a tiny version!! You can see it below and have fun making it too!

pinwheel house craft

How To Make A Paper Windmill That Spins Around Using Paper and Scissors

There are lots of summer crafts your little ones can do. Today, they’ll find out how to make a windmill at home. A paper windmill craft is so much fun!

I remember when I was a child, how much I enjoyed running around “making wind” for mine.

Encourage your child’s creativity and suggest using a magazine picture instead of plain paper. Then take him/her out and let them test their summer windmill!

Instead of just plain paper, use a picture or some design that will look cool when turning in the wind!

Make sure you follow the create windmill instructions carefully so that yours does indeed spin around!

Spinning Paper Windmill

Summer Paper Windmill Craft

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: free

This DIY windmill project for kids is not only fun to make, but also a great tool to help teach about the wind! The supplies for this craft are simple, and you can find them all on Amazon.

We got our card-stock at a great price (see below for a great deal). I hope kids will have fun with their new toy windmill.




Step #1:

  1. Take your piece of paper and cut it into a perfect square.
  2. An easy way to do this is fold the paper into a triangle, taking one corner and lining it up to the other side. This will leave excess on one side that, once cut, gives you a square! Simple origami windmill.
  3. Paper windmill craft procedure

Step #2:

  1. Decorate both sides of the paper with whatever design you wish.
  2. You can create a summer scene or just a fun design - like the colorful hearts we've created.
  3. How to make a windmill that spins

Step #3:

  1. Fold the paper diagonally so it turns into a triangle and crease it lightly.
  2. Repeat this for the opposite direction as well. You will then unfold and have a creased "X" on the page.
  3. Paper windmill step by step craft

Step #4:

  1. Cut along the creases about halfway to the middle of the paper. Be sure not to cut all the way.
  2. Pinwheel craft with paper and scissors

Step #5:

  1. Bend each corner into the middle. Make sure to bend and not fold.
  2. Summer paper windmill

Step #6

  1. Once all 4 corners are in the middle push the push pin through them all as well as the straw or eraser. Be careful not to hurt yourself with the pin! This is how to make a windmill project for kids
  2. Spinning Paper Windmill


Some people like to tell me this is an origami windmill as it does involve some folding stages.

More Summer Craft Ideas for Kids if you like How to Make a Windmill at Home

We have a number of great ideas for summer, and these are not all of them.

Be sure to check out more of our summer crafts for kids for all our great ideas.

We’ve made most of these crafts from simple supplies, like paper and glue

These easy crafts for kids are perfect for keeping kids entertained while they are home from school over the Summer months!

Too hot some days in the summer?

Why not have some printables ready and get the little ones doing some summer word searches.

If coloring is your thing then try some of my great dolphin coloring pages

More Ideas for DIY Windmill Project for Kids

One last tip before you go, if you live in a real windy area you might want to try and make this with sturdier paper, and remember to hold on tight…we do not want our craft to blow away!

Why not make this at school and have a competition to see who has the best Origami Windmill?!

You might need to make it with card if you decide to do some Halloween or Christmas themed ones as the weather is not as pleasant at this time of the year! Who says it is only for Summer! Not us at Easy Crafts for Kids. 

A black and orange version with white ghosts and black spiders would be perfect for Halloween!

How about turning your origami windmill into a Christmas themed decoration? You could simple color it red or green. 

Please share your completed creations with me!!

Do you now know How to Make Paper Windmill?

Kids will have fun all summer long with these cute paper mills. Lots more great crafts to do in the summer weather! #summercrafts #summeractivities #summer #kids #papermills #crafts #kidsactivities


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