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How to Make a Paper Fan – Origami Fan for Kids

This tutorial on how to make a paper fan craft is an easy idea for kids: simple to make and required very little materials. Make some in different colors and any sizes, and use them to cool off in the hot summer months. Find out how to make a fan with paper below!

Pink folded paper fan


What I like about these folded paper fans is that there’s no need for glue or scissors: just some paper, markers (or crayons) and imagination. The littles can have fun all by themselves folding paper and decorating it with lines, hearts and doodles.

If you want to be more environmentally friendly with this craft, just use old newspapers or pieces of paper that mom and dad printed on. THAT will make it even more special for some kids, as they’ll enjoy taking something mommy and daddy printed and making it better 😉

If you want a cool Summer themed version then my Watermelon paper fan is perfect. This is another example of how to make paper fan allbeit a themed one. 

There is no reason you cannot add any character or picture to your craft to make it stand out even more!

You can find my easy craft directions below on how to make a paper fan craft.

Pink folded paper fan

Folded Paper Fan - An Easy Paper Craft

Yield: 1 fan
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: free

Fun, easy and colorful paper craft childfen will enjoy during the summer months.


  • Piece of Paper (sturdier will last longer than regular construction paper)
  • Markers (or crayons)
  • Tape


Step #1:

Decorate paper with markers or crayons

Decorate your piece of paper in your desired design. For this you can use a pencil to draw it out and color them in with crayons, pencil crayons or markers.

If it is for a special holiday, decorate for each holiday and have one for every occasion.

Step #2:

Folding pink paper for a fan

Start at one end of the paper. Fold a one inch crease, and follow that by another one inch crease in the opposite direction. Repeat this until the entire paper is folded.

Step #3:

Pinch folded paper on one end to create a fan

Take one end of the folded paper and pinch it together. This will leave the other end open. Just fan out this end.

Step #4:

How to make a paper fan

Tape the pinched end together to hold together your fan. You can also just staple this section or tie a string around it - whichever you have available.

Why not create one for everyone in the family – in all colors, and designs. Make one for each occasion, and save on the energy bills by turning off the air conditioning for a while!

To create this easy paper fan craft in different sizes, you just need to start out by using different sizes of paper. Or, if you used newspaper, you can cut out the fan to a different size after you finish it. You can even cut out scalloped edges.

Want even more fun? Use different types of paper:

  • construction paper
  • printer paper
  • shiny paper
  • wrapping paper

Add sequins, glitter, sparkly paint or whatever you want to make your paper fan pretty! I must get my 5 year old to make some of these as I know she loves crafting and looking pretty while keeping herself cool in the hot sunshine. 

Why not have a competition to see who can make the prettiest fan, or who can make theirs the quickest! This how to make a paper fan tutorial is simple enough for little kids to follow so every age group can enjoy this activity. 

Some people have asked me is this an origami fan craft? I guess it is as it involves folding and anything that includes that in my book is origami. Therefore I would definitely recommend this as origami for kids

Were you able to follow this tutorial on how to make a fan out of paper

More paper crafts

There is a lot of crafting you can do with paper as your main ingredient – and some with paper as the only ingredient! Here’s a few more ideas of our paper crafts for kids:

  • paper butterfly –I love these pretty butterflies, which could probably double up as a pretty paper fan

Hope you enjoyed all our paper crafts and happy crafting! Summer crafts for kids like this one will keep them entertained all throughout the school holidays. 

Will you make a Folded Paper Fan to Keep Yourself Cool this Summer?

When it's too hot outside for the kids to play, make decorated folded paper fans. Lot of opportunities for imagination! #papercrafts #kidscrafts #easycraftsforkids #summercrafts

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