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Easy Rainbow Crafts for Kids

My easy rainbow crafts for kids are perfect for the Spring months or even to help you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day! Many of these are suitable rainbow crafts for Preschoolers. I love them as they help teach kids different colors as well as enhancing their fine motor skills and creativity. 

Easy Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Simple Rainbow Crafts for Kids

How many different ways can you use rainbows in crafts?! Lots and lots as my preschool rainbow craft list will show you.

We have paper plate crafts, painting activities, animal crafts, popup cards, crystal crafts and even DIY bath bombs for the mini scientists out there!! Some are Spring crafts and others are St Patrick’s Day crafts!

Why not ask little kids how many different colors there are in a rainbow and ask if they can name them?! Some of my crafts do give options for counting also. I love incorporating learning with crafting as it makes it so much more fun.

List of DIY Rainbow Crafts for Preschoolers and Older Kids

Easy Rainbow Crafts for Kids

These easy rainbow crafts for preschoolers and older kids are sure to bring some brightest to a dull Spring day! Make rainbows using paper plates, paints and lots more!

I hope you think some of these make the best rainbow project preschool! I know my kids were very excided about rainbow craft for kid ideas when they were 3 and 4! At that age they just loved drawing and painting rainbows!

If you want crafts featuring rainbows, then I have a paper St Patrick’s Day wreath craft that has one!

More Ideas for Rainbow Arts and Crafts for Kids

Can you think of other ways to make rainbows? What other craft materials could you use to make them?

You can use these for a weather theme! I have a rain mobile craft which you might also want to incorporate into your lesson. 

If you like these you may also like my rainbow coloring page

Which of these Easy Rainbow Crafts for Kids is your Favorite?

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