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St Patrick’s Day Wreath Paper Craft

This St Patrick’s Day Wreath paper craft is perfect for kids in the run up to March 17th! Hang it proudly on your wall or even give it as a gift!

diy paper St Patrick's day wreath

Spring is full of rainy wet days and this gives kids the perfect opportunity to make their own paper wreath for Saint Patrick’s Day.

This craft with paper and scissors teaches good hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. It also educates children about things associated with March 17th, as well as the colors of the rainbow!

Right now rainbows are a sign of hope and that happier times are ahead. 

I have numerous St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids which feature pots of gold, shamrocks and rainbows.  My fun Rainbow Pop up Card is also great if you are looking for paper crafts for March!

Previously I have made a tissue paper Christmas wreath, and pumpkin wreath which my kids loved doing!

Please remember to pick up your free wreath template at the end to enable you to complete this craft.


diy paper St Patrick's day wreath

St Patrick's Day Wreath Paper Craft

Yield: 1

Fun St Patrick's Day paper craft which lets kids make a colorful wreath featuring the colors of a rainbow, pot of gold and shamrocks.


  • 1. Colored craft papers (for the rainbow, pot of gold and shamrocks)
  • 2. Cardstock paper for the wreath base
  • 3. Pencil
  • 4. Scissors - kid safe
  • 5. Craft glue or Pritt Stick


Step 1:

Select different colored craft papers (red, orange, yellow, light and dark green, indigo, black) for the wreath accessories.

Prepare the wreath template patterns by printing and cutting them out. Trace the patterns on the selected craft papers and get the kids to help cut them out.

The template includes, rainbow, clouds, shamrock, pot of gold and coils. You can add more patterns of your choice if you want to.

Step 2:

Grab the pot and the paper coins. Cut a slit along the marked line of
the paper pot (shown in template) and glue the coins with the pot by slightly pushing them inside the slit. Every leprechaun expects a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Step 3:

Grab the rainbow layer cutouts and start to attach them with each other
to complete the rainbow craft. This is a good way to teach young kids colors and get them to exercise their fine motor skills by attaching strips together.

Step 4:

Attach the rainbow on the cardstock wreath base. The
rainbow should cover about half of the wreath. The other half is for the rest of the decor.

Step 5:

Cut out the shamrock patterns from green colored craft papers and grab
any 2 shamrock patterns of the same size. You cna use different shades of green if you wish.

Step 6:

Fold the paper shamrock patterns into half and stick them together side
by side. Similarly, prepare the other 2 shamrock patterns by folding and gluing them.

Step 7:

Attach the 3d paper shamrock crafts on the wreath, below the rainbow.

Step 8:

One by one attach the rest of the prepared paper items on the wreath to
complete the diy St Patrick's Day wreath paper craft.

You can do lots of things with your completed wreath craft! If you are having a party on March 17th, you can hang this on your front door to greet guests. 

Why not give it as a gift to someone who is holding a party if you are not.

Maybe you might want to keep it for yourself, and display it on your bedroom wall. 

You can also stick it onto some colored paper and make a poster with it. 

Before you go make sure and grab your template:-

st patricks day wreath template

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Do you like this St Patrick’s Day wreath paper craft?

st patricks day wreath paper craft

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