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Easy Turtle Craft With Food

I love crafting with edibles and my easy fruit turtle craft with food is the perfect way to get little kids interested in eating healthy fruits.

easy turtle craft with food

My kids love turtles and so it seems like the perfect idea to make my own from fruit version.

This helps children be creative and encourages them to be healthy.

I have step by step guidance on how to turn an apple and some grapes into an edible turtle. 

Let you kids play with him first before eating him!

easy turtle craft with food

Easy Turtle Craft With Food


  • Foods needed include:
  • Green apple
  • 3 Green grapes
  • Goldfish crackers
  • 2 Edible candy eyes
  • Icing (any color)


Start by cutting the apple in half from stem to stem and remove any seeds.

Place the cut part of the apple down on your plate so that you can see the green side and not the white.

Place one full grape on one end for the head and cut the other 2 grapes in half lengthwise for its legs. 

Put a dab of icing behind each eye and place them on the head grape. 

Cut a small triangle out of the remaining apple half for the tail.

To complete, place fish crackers around the turtle and serve.

You can make several of these, it only takes a few minutes, and the kids will love it. 

Anything that encourages healthy heating and is fun is a win win for me and my children. Can you think of any other edible fruit crafts that you may want to make?

I love my turtle crafts for kids:-

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Do you like this Easy Turtle Craft with Food?


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