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Fruit Cup Turtle Crafts for Kids

Our fruit cup turtle crafts for kids will give you a reason NOT to throw away those fruit cups after you’ve eaten your snack. 

A fun way to promote recycling with the little ones! These sea turtle crafts for preschool are very quick to make.

fruit cup turtle crafts for kids

Turtle Crafts for Preschool

These are a great decoration for a desk or shelf. 

If you wanted to be creative for a birthday party, fill the inside with treats and it makes for a mini loot bag! Fun and unique way to give out a little present. 

Recycling is an important thing for every child to learn about. With these types of crafts you can explain how you are recycling something that was garbage. Then you can go on to explain how actual recycling works. 

This will give them a sense that recycling can be fun, and also helpful to the planet.

Fruit Cup Turtle Crafts for Kids

Our turtle crafts for kids will help you make a cute and bright colored little turtle friend!

Craft Supplies:

  • Paint (variety of colors)
  • Paintbrush
  • Empty, washed fruit cup
  • Green cardstock, or construction paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step #1:

Paint the inside of your fruit cup with green paint. This way when we paint his spots, we can do so on the outside.  Add a few coats to make sure he is evenly green.

Step #2:

While your fruit cup dries, let’s make our turtles body. With a pencil draw out a turtle shape, that will fit within your fruit cup.

Cut this out.

Step #3:

Add your googly eyes to the turtles body.

Step #4:

Now, on the outside of your green fruit cup, paint a variety of spots. 

Make these a few different colors and many different sizes. You could also make them sparkly too!

Step #5:

Glue your body to the top of your fruit cup. If you are adding treats inside, do so before gluing these together.

A fun little desk ornament for the teacher or a parent!

Use sparkly glue for his spots for even more pizazz!!


Our turtle crafts for kids are a great learning tool to teach about turtles, and recycling… all in one!

Happy Crafting! 

Why not do this alongside my turtle fruit craft

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