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Fall Gnome Craft with Paper

I love crafting come Autumn time and one of my recent creations is this Fall gnome craft with paper, which is super easy for kids to make using my free printable gnome template.

Autumn gnome craft for kids

Everyone associates gnomes with being a garden ornament. Unfortunately where I live is extremely windy so we struggle to have any sort of outdoor garden decor. 

The good news is that my kids do not have to miss out on the cuteness of gnomes as we can make them with colored craft papers. 

I love my collection of DIY gnome crafts and have previously made some for different times of the year:-

DIY Halloween Gnome

Heart Gnome Craft for Valentine’s Day

Please find my paper gnome craft process with images below. My paper gnome template is available to print at the bottom. 

Autumn gnome craft for kids

Fall Gnome Craft with Paper

Yield: 2

This Fall gnome craft with paper lets kids turn some colored craft papers into some brightly colored gnome just in time for Autumn.


  • 1. Colored craft papers
  • 2. Sharpies
  • 3. Craft glue
  • 4. Pencil
  • 5. Scissors


Step 1:

Select different colored craft papers including orange, brown and red colored craft papers for the fall gnome bookmarks craft.

Trace and cut out the gnome and the other prop patterns from the 2 templates.

Step 2:

Attach the hand cutouts on the open straight ends of the sleeve cutouts. Attach the shoe cutouts on either ends of the leg (socks) cutouts (strips).

Cut out a small piece of craft foam and attach it in the middle of the nose cutout.

fall gnome bookmark craft step by step

Step 3:

Use a sharpie marker to draw stripes on the sock patterns and polka dot (or any other pattern of your choice) on the hat cutout.

You can use any color of marker you wish but I stuck to Autumnal colors. Encourage the kids to pick and color and draw stripes!

diy gnome bookmark craft for kids

Step 4:

Attach the moustache near the top side of the beard cutout, 1cm below the top to be precise.

Attach the nose right above the moustache, keeping the foam part
facing down.

Step 5:

Attach the leg patterns on the bottom side of the body base cutout (round side) and attach the hat pattern on the top side of the head pattern.

fall gnome paper craft step by step

Step 6:

Attach the head on the top side of the body base pattern.

Step 7:

Apply glue along the open side of the arm patterns (sleeve + hand) and attach it on the side of the body base, keeping the rest of the arm free from glue.

Step 8:

Similarly, attach the other arm pattern on the other side of the body base.

Step 9:

Trace, cut out and paste the prop patterns, we’re making the paper pumpkin.

Attach the pumpkin to the hands, keeping the hands to the front side of the pumpkin.

Trace and cut out the maple leaf from the template. Similarly attach it to the other gnome's hands.

Will you attach a popsicle stick to the back of your gnome paper craft and turn it into a pretty puppet for Autumn? Perhaps you might stick it onto some cardstock and use it as a Thanksgiving card.

Why not accompany this cute gnome with some of my other Fall crafts such as my easy red fox craft or my squirrel fall wreath

Can you think of some other ways to decorate your gnome? How about a Winter or Christmas themed version. You could design a Santa gnome or even a snowman gnome. 

Before you go please use these free PDF templates to make your gnome (on contains the body parts of the gnome and other contains the props i.e. pumpkin and maple leaf :-

Paper Gnome Template Printable (1)

Gnome Bookmark Template

Do you like this Fall Gnome Craft with Paper?

Fall Gnome Craft with Paper

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