Fun DIY Thanksgiving Idea

We thought we would share a fun DIY Thanksgiving idea from Dana over at Foodpackaginlabel. 

People usually spend holidays with their loved ones. Family members from near and far gather to enjoy special moments together. When Thanksgiving arrives, you know that the holiday season has begun. It’s the time for giving thanks, sharing and showing gratitude.

Thanksgiving is not really Thanksgiving without a big feast. Traditional meals such as turkey, mashed potatoes, cornbread, pumpkin pie etc. are a big part of the celebration. Preparing all this food takes a lot of time and effort, so if you’re in charge of the Thanksgiving dinner, you can sure use any help.

Fun DIY Thanksgiving Idea - Free Printables

Engaging your kids in the preparation process is a win-win situation. And these fun multipurpose Thanksgiving printables will help you do that. You just need to print them out and let the little ones use them to make some festive creations. Give them instructions and let their imagination do the rest. Here are a couple of ideas they can start with:

Make place cards for the guests. Ask the kids to write down one reason they’re thankful for in each person and apply the stickers with these thoughts on cards or placemats. Guests will surely be impressed when they read their names and the nice words about them.

Make a hanging ornament near the table. Kids can write down blessings on the labels and stick them to colorful strings that you can tape to the ceiling or doorframe. This piece of art will easily get everyone in the Thanksgiving mood.

Get crafting in the kitchen. Tell your kids which meals you’re preparing, so they can write the names of the dishes on stickers and use them to decorate the bowls. Labeling dinner dishes is always a great idea when you’re cooking a variety of foods.

Thanksgiving stickers can also be used for activities after the meal. This is the time for relaxing. You can, therefore, prepare fun games that people of all ages can play and enjoy together. Thanksgiving “joke and punch line” is a great game for connecting. Just write down a joke or riddle on one label and a punch line on another, and mix the cards up. Give each person a card and explain them that they may have a joke or a punch line, so the task would be to find the person who has the other part of their joke/punch line. 

Hopefully, these fun DIY Thanksgiving idea printables will help you host a fun and enjoyable Thanksgiving with the people you love the most. Happy Thanksgiving!

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