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Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving crafts provides lots of November craft ideas involving pumpkins, turkeys and pilgrims! Learn how to make some great Thanksgiving decor including banners and napkin holders! How about some edible crafts in the form of my paper bag turkey full of popcorn. Learn how to make pumpkins from paper and walnuts!

turkey paper plate craft

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

If you are planning on doing some Thanksgiving crafts this year, then you may want to learn how to make a paper plate turkey craft. Everyone associates Thanksgiving with turkey! As a result, little kids spend lots of November and sometimes October and December making turkeys, but not the edible kind!! We can use these as home decorations to help us celebrate Thanksgiving in style. Just recently I have made lots of different paper plate crafts for kids, so I thought it was about time I made a turkey paper plate craft.  Like most of my craft activities I like …

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how to draw turkey step by step

How to Draw a Turkey Step By Step

Thanksgiving is coming and of course that means time for turkey! My how to draw a turkey step by step tutorial is perfect for kids this November! This turkey picture may look difficult but when you break it down into individual steps it is very simple! Who wants to draw a simple turkey?! This is just one of my fun turkey crafts and activities for kids this year.  You can use your drawing for the front of a Thanksgiving card or for a poster for your wall. Why not have a competition and see who can draw the best turkey …

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how to draw a pumpkin easily

How to Draw a Pumpkin Easily

Fall is a time for pumpkins! Find out how to draw a pumpkin easily with my realistic pumpkin drawing instructions complete with pictures. As October approaches I am always looking for new themed crafts and drawing tutorial for my kids to complete! We all love pumpkins and I figured I could teach my children how to draw pumpkins! They can use this pumpkin art for pretty pictures, Halloween cards or Thanksgiving cards. How about making place cards for Thanksgiving dinner using a picture of a pumpkin alongside someone’s name?!  Pumpkins come in all colors and sizes so you can draw …

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mayflower thanksgiving paper plate craft

Mayflower Thanksgiving Craft with Pilgrim People

Now that Fall has arrived it is time to do my simple Mayflower craft with Pilgrim people. It is a simple activity involving a paper plate and some colored craft papers. The Mayflower is a famous ship that took English and Dutch people to America 400 years ago in 1620 for a new life! They were known as Pilgrims! Travel back in time with my history craft!  Why not combine this with my Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrim People craft This easy Mayflower Thanksgiving craft comes with step by step craft process and images to help young kids and their Moms …

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thanksgiving pop up card with turkey

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Up Card for Kids

With Thanksgiving just around the corner there is no better time to DIY this cute turkey pop up card for kids!  Everyone likes to send their greetings to friends at Thanksgiving. There is no better time of the year to tell someone how much you appreciate them or how grateful you are for something they have done for you.  Turkeys are everywhere during Fall, especially on your dining table, yum yum!  A turkey pop card for Thanksgiving is such a neat craft idea for kids this Fall! In our house we love making turkey crafts for Thanksgiving and are always …

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easy turkey paper bag puppet

Turkey Puppet From Paper Bag

I love making animal puppets for kids, and my hand Turkey puppet from paper bag is perfect for Thanksgiving time! Everyone knows turkeys are hugely popular during Fall especially at Thanksgiving. We all love to eat this meat for our Thanksgiving dinner, but one thing my kids like even more is to make their own turkey crafts!  Previously we used handprints to make a turkey-this is a great craft for younger kids by the way! Older kids like interactive crafts and also some with story telling.  My paper bag animal puppets are hugely popular for kids and great for making …

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crafts with toilet paper rolls

50+ Cool Toilet Paper Roll Crafts 2023

One of my most favorite types of crafts are my cool toilet paper roll crafts! When I went through my site here I was stunned to find I had so many! So many of my readers are always asking for suggestions for crafts with toilet paper rolls, I thought it would be best to have them all together in one post. This makes it easier to find them! Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids I have some for every season of the year so please pin this post for future reference! It is really amazing what you can do …

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kids crafts for november

November Crafts For Kids

Fall is a brilliant time of the year and these November crafts for kids 2021 let our little ones embrace all Fall has to offer! When I think of Autumn I think of pumpkins, orange and brown leaves, Thanksgiving, turkeys and hot fires!  I love doing all kinds of seasonal crafts and activities with my pre-schoolers. I think it is a fun way to teach them. When they have fun they learn!  I have stacks of Turkey Thanksgiving crafts for kids on my page and some of my favorite craft bloggers have given me permission to share the best of …

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