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How to Draw a Mermaid Easily

Summer is coming and one of the best activities for kids is to learn how to draw a mermaid easily! Girls will love drawing their own Ariel using my how draw a Mermaid step by step instructions. 

How to Draw a Mermaid Easily

I love themed drawing tutorials and one of my favorites this Summer is this easy Mermaid drawing! 

In just 20 short simple steps you can learn how to draw a mermaid easily and in color using pencils! 

We break it down into Mermaid’s upper body, hair and face, Mermaid tail drawing and finally adding a splash of color to bring it to life!

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How to Draw a Mermaid Easily

This Summer drawing idea only requires a few materials which you can keep close for future sketches!

Drawing Supplies:

  1. Sketch book. 
  2. Pencils (HB,2B). 
  3. Eraser. 
  4. Ruler. 
  5. Color pencils or crayons. 

Easy Mermaid Drawing Step by Step Instructions

Steps 1-2-3-4-5:

  • Start with drawing a circle according to the size of your mermaid’s head.
  • Then at the bottom of the circle draw a rectangular shape for the neck.
  • Below the neck draw another larger rectangular shape for the upper body. After these 3 short steps your easy to draw Mermaid should look as below.

Little Mermaid drawing

  • Draw two diagonal lines on the right side from the top corner of the rectangle for the hands. Similarly draw two more diagonal lines on the left side as well.
  • Round out the edges of the diagonal lines and join them together. That’s the mermaid’s upper body completed

how to draw a mermaid for kids

Steps 6-7-8-9-10 – In these steps we will focus on drawing Ariel’s hair and facial features!

  • Draw two curved lines inside the upper part of the circular shape for the fringes.
  • Draw two curved lines inside the upper part of the rectangular body to draw the blouse.

how do you draw a Little Mermaid

  • Erase the top part of the circle.
  • Then draw your desired shapes hair. Draw the eyes and lips as well. 
  • Draw tiny eyelashes on the eyes. Then draw a thin rectangular below the body.

mermaid drawing cute

Steps 11-12-13-14: The next few steps involve mermaid tail drawing

  • To draw your mermaid tail draw curved lines extending from the thin rectangle shape.
  • Draw two leaf shaped caudal fin. Now your drawing is coming to life and we have a Mermaid picture!

mermaid drawing step by step

  • If you want to add extra details to the hands draw two small thumbs.
  • Draw a star on the hair for decoration.

mermaid drawing pencil

Steps 15-16-17-18-19-20-21: You we have our easy mermaid drawing in pencil we can add some color!

  • Select colors to fill in the outlines for your mermaid drawing. Use a green color to fill in the tail.
  • Then use a lighter green shade to color the fin.
  • Use a purple color to color the blouse.
  • Color the star on the hair.
  • Use a red color to fill in the hair outline.
  • Then use beige color for the skin and pink color for the cheeks.
  • Once you are done colouring use a black gel pen to enhance the pencil outlines.

how to draw a Mermaid sketch

What other Summer sketches would you like to try?

Perhaps you would like more ocean drawing ideas, like dolphin drawings or even pirate drawings? Please let me know in the comments!

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Will you try and draw an easy Mermaid?

Easy Mermaid drawing

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