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Easy Origami Bat – How to Make Halloween Bat Origami

My easy origami bat is the perfect scary Halloween decoration craft this year! Find out how to make Halloween bat origami step by step!

Easy Origami Bat

Why not make lots and turn them into a spooky garland! 

Bat Origami Easy

It is so easy to make your own bats by folding paper! These are almost always made with black paper, that is not too say you might want to make some rainbow ones to make them less scary! Find lots of cute bat crafts for kids

This is such a great Halloween decoration craft as you can make lots and hang them in various rooms throughout your home, or join them together to make a garland! 

Why not make these alongside my Toilet roll bat or my fabulous Haunted House luminary which is also a great decoration. 

My bat origami instructions below will take you through the entire process step by step. These are simple steps. 

How to Make Bat Origami Step by Step

Like most of my easy origami instructions this requires very few materials. Find out how to fold a bat below. 


  1. Origami craft papers. 
  2. Scissors.
  3. Glue.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Ruler.

Easy Origami Bat Instructions

Step 1:

Select a square craft paper. 

Step 2:

Fold the paper diagonally in half. 

how to make a paper bat

Step 3:

Then, fold it vertically in half. 

Step 4:

Open the fold. 

how to make a simple paper bat

Step 5:

Bring the left point upwards.

Step 6:

Bring the right corner upwards. 

origami bat instructions

Step 7:

Open the folds. 

origami bat easy

Step 8:

Bring the left point inwards, Fold the diagonal crease along the crease on the middle. 

how do you fold a bat

Step 9:

Open the fold.

Step 10:

Similarly, bring the right diagonal crease along the middle crease.

how do you fold a Halloween bat


Open the folds and you in process origami should look like this

Bat origami step by step

Step 12:

Flip the origami piece over to the other side and slightly crease it along the crease lines. 

diy bat origami decoration

Step 13:

Fold the left and right flaps in the back as shown below.

how to make halloween origami bat

Step 14:

Flip it over. 

Step 15:

Bring the left top point downwards. 

how to make halloween origami bat easy

Step 16:

Also, bring the top right point downwards. 

Step 17:

Open the folds. 

how to fold an easy origami bat

Step 18:

Fold the left flap along the diagonal crease we created on the previous step. 

how to make an easy paper bat

Step 19:

Also, bring the top right point along the right diagonal crease. 

Step 20:

Open the folds and your paper bat in process will look as below.

bat origami images

Step 21:

Fold the left flap along the top diagonal crease and along the crease in the middle. 

origami bat pictures

Step 22:

Similarly, fold the right flap along the top diagonal crease and along the crease in the middle. 

easy halloween bat origami

Step 23:

Open all the folds.

paper bat folding

Step 24:

Turn in over to the front side. Notice all the creases.

origami bat for beginners

Step 25:

Use scissors to cut pointy beards on the top.

bat Halloween paper craft

Step 26:

Fold the two sides of the head.

bat halloween crafts

Step 27:

Shape the wings along the creases. Now you have you bat origami.

how to make origami halloween bat

Why not add some googly eyes to your paper bat?!

Why not make my witch origami also or try some of my other Halloween origami ideas!

Keep kids entertained this October with lots of easy Halloween crafts

Will you Make this Easy Origami Bat?

bat halloween origami

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