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Fathers Day Drawing Ideas for Kids

One of the best way to celebrate Dad on Father’s Day is by drawing a picture. My Fathers Day drawing ideas will help you to do this!

Why not use your picture on the front of a card and add your own personal message! Please let me know which of these Father’s Day sketches is your favorite.

Fathers Day Drawings for Kids

If you are looking for things to draw for Father’s Day you are in luck! As you all know I love my easy drawings for kids and while I normally draw animals or flowers like this beautiful rose drawing I have other things up my sleeve too!!

So what sorts of things do you think you might draw?! I did a scoop online and found some of my favorite drawings for Dad!

I have decided to show videos and provide links so that you can copy these for yourself. I do plan on adding lots more in the future, and as always if you want to see something in particular please let me know.

Of course you can always use my dog drawing to make a Father’s Day card instead of these suggestions. 

Failing that why not make my World’s Best Dad Trophy or my Father’s Day Dinosaur Pop up Card

How to Draw Dad

One of the best Fathers Day easy drawings would be an actual picture of your Dad himself. If you are feeling really artistic you can draw yourself alongside him!

Why not add some of Dad’s favorite sayings below the drawing so that this becomes a real keepsake. 

You could also add a list of his hobbies or favorite places to visit. 

I found some very cool Dad sketches online and I had to share at least one with you. This says Best Dad but you can always change it to Super Dad or Number 1 Dad!

How to Draw a World’s Best Dad Trophy

Lots of people often ask how to draw a trophy for their Dad. I can understand why this is such a popular idea as you can add your own Best Dad message on it!

The trophy picture below is pretty easy to copy! You could print it out for free and then trace out around it or else draw it freehand. 

Easy trophy drawing

Download this and print it here

It is the perfect idea for a easy drawing for Fathers Day! Make it alongside my Trophy pop up card and Dad will really feel like a winner!

Don’t want a trophy then why not not draw a rosette! 

How to Draw a Necktie

A tie is a common Father’s Day gift so it is only natural we would learn how to draw one as well as given a real one! If you are feeling really adventurous you might want to draw this alongside a shirt!

You can draw a black and white necktie, which is very simple to do. Why color it in Dad’s favorite color or add polka dots or a zigzag pattern?

Iheartcraftythings has a great step by step necktie with shirt drawing that you can easily follow!

How to Draw a Crown

Make Dad King for the day by doing the crown drawing below! I do not have step by step instructions but here again you can print this and trace over it. 

easy crown to draw

It does not have to be black and white, you can do it in bright yellow to represent gold or even Superhero colors!

If you do not want to do the drawing you can grab some construction paper and make my King Coronation crown instead! 

More Ideas for Kids Father’s Day Drawings

Why not draw something Dad is interested in? Maybe he likes to fish, then draw him catching a fish. Maybe he is a golfer then, draw him swinging a golf club. 

Does he have a favorite football player, then try and draw them. You can look up almost any drawing tutorial online. Some of these are more simple than others. 

Easy Fathers Day Drawings

If you want some simple Fathers Day doodles for younger kids, they can simple draw a heart and write Best Dad inside. Moms why not do an outline of a heart and let little kids draw over it. 

You could also draw Dad’s face as another option. Why not use his face as the front of a Father’s Day card.

Why not draw two hands together, a large one for Daddy and a smaller one for the child. 

The ideas for Father’s Day doodles are endless and I am sure you have been able to come up with some that I have not mentioned here. 

Which of these Fathers Day Drawing Ideas is your Favorite?

Fathers Day Drawing Ideas

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