How to Make a 3D Gingerbread House from a Pringles Container

One of the hottest craft ideas and most asked questions in December is how do you make a 3D Gingerbread house? There are lots of little craft sets to buy but you can make your own from using materials already in your home, without purchasing anything. 

gingerbread house craft with pringles can

Gingerbread Houses are part of Christmas for many families. Kids get so excited to put pieces of Gingerbread together and then love adding frosting and icing to complete the decor.

The bad bit though is that after a few days the house is eaten and there is nothing left! 

The good news is that if you make a 3D Gingerbread house from recyclable materials it never has to disappear, and the kids can enjoy it year after year. If you have lots of craft papers you might want to make my paper Gingerbread house (this is a simple craft with less than 10 steps).

I have step by step instructions and images on how to make a 3D Gingerbread house from a Pringles container below. You can follow these in their entirety or you can let older kids decide how they wish to decorate their home. 

This is just one of a number of my best Gingerbread crafts for kids

gingerbread house craft with pringles can

How to Make a 3D Gingerbread House from a Pringles Container

Yield: 1

Learn how to Make a 3D Gingerbread House from a Pringles Container in this simple Christmas craft for kids.


  • Pringles Container
  • Craft papers.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Tissue paper.


Step 1:

Wrap the Pringles can or a tissue paper roll with brown wrapping paper. This is the house, which we will now decorate.

Step 2:

Then, use the PDF template to cut out the door and window for the gingerbread house craft.

pringles gingerbread house craft supplies for kids

Step 3:

Glue the window’s bars and the door’s pieces together.

Step 4:

Glue the window and the door on the house (Pringles can wrapped in brown paper).

how to make a 3d gingerbread house from a pringles can

Step 5:

Cut out the candy canes from the template. 

Step 6:

Glue the candy canes on the house.

Step 7:

Then, glue a yellow pipe cleaner border on the bottom part of the house. You can use whatever color of pipe cleaner you like but I think yellow works well.

gingerbread house craft process with images

Step 8:

Cut out the circular roof from the template.

Step 9:

Fold and glue the roof according to the template.

Cut tissue papers into small pieces and make some tissue paper balls. You can use pom-poms instead as well.

Step 10:

Glue the tissue paper balls around the roof.

Step 11:

Now, glue the roof on top of the house to complete your Christmas 3D craft.

3d gingerbread house craft for children

Let your kids read their favorite stories and see if they can spot any real life Gingerbread houses (here is a hint get out the Hansel and Gretel story).

Please print out my free PDF template in black/white and color to help you make this cute Gingerbread house:-

Gingerbread House Template

Please feel free to show me your completed creations. I would love to feature yours here. If you want me to do this leave a comment on my post. 

Are you going to try and make a 3D Gingerbread House from a Pringles Container?

How to Make a 3D Gingerbread House from a Pringles Container

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