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Easy Gingerbread Crafts

Alongside Santa, Gingerbread is associated with Christmas. My easy Gingerbread crafts for kids will help them get into the festive spirit of Christmas. 

best gingerbread crafts to make

Gingerbread goes way back to the 16th century so it has been around for a very long time. People still love to eat it and can have it in the form of round biscuits. I did have a craving for these when I was pregnant.

In more recent times people transformed the gingerbread into the shape of a man or woman, which kids love to decorate and eat.

Even more recently people decided to use all sorts of craft materials to make gingerbread men, women and houses! 

I have a wide variety of easy Gingerbread crafts for kids to make from bookmarks, to clay pot crafts and even a lovely Christmas card.

In the future I do plan on adding some puppets, paper plate Gingerbread men and some toilet paper roll and pipe cleaner Gingerbread people. 

Easy Gingerbread Crafts

These easy Gingerbread crafts for children will help you make Gingerbread men, women, and houses using common craft supplies

So far I have non edible gingerbread crafts but I do plan on doing some edible versions soon. There are already lots of these on offer.

You can easily buy a plain gingerbread man and decorate him yourself with icing, sweets and sprinkles. This is a fun Christmas activity for preschool kids and even toddlers. 

Encourage little children to add eyes, a nose and a big smile. They can add buttons to represent the Gingerbread man’s coat. 

What other easy Gingerbread craft ideas can you come up with? There are so many possibilities to suit preschool and even toddlers!

If you love all things Gingerbread and Christmas in general then why not also make a fun toilet paper roll reindeer. Or how about a rocking Santa puppet ?!

Do you like my collection of Easy Gingerbread Crafts for Kids?

Easy Gingerbread Crafts

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