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Ladybug Coloring Pages – Free Printable Ladybird Pictures to Color

These ladybug coloring pages are sure to popular during Spring! Find lots of free printable ladybird pictures to color! As well know there are lots of different color of ladybugs so choose whatever colors you wish! Great for a bug theme learning week in school or alternatively for a quiet afternoon at home! These are some of my favorite Spring coloring pages!

Ladybug coloring pages printable


Ladybug Fun Facts

Since it is almost Spring and we are focusing on easy ladybug crafts I thought I should share some fun facts about this tiny bug!

Despite them being so tiny they love to eat! Treehugger has said an adult ladybug can eat around 5000 aphids in it’s lifetime!!

They are not all red with black spots!! Here in the UK I actually seen a vibrant green ladybird with black spots, proving that different species are not confined to certain areas! In fact there is said to be over 5000 different varieties of this tiny bug. They come in lots of different colors!

I love colouring in and I have lots of cute coloring pages to print.

Keep reading as I have 10 free printable ladybug coloring images for you below!! These are some of my favorite free Spring coloring pages

Cutest Ladybug Coloring Pages

When you love these little bugs as much as I do you will absolutely adore my cutest ladybug coloring pages!
This little ladybird is having a rest on top of a flower! I wonder what type of flower it is. Children can decide by choosing what color to use!
I love the way this little ladybug looks as if she is about to do a sweet dance in her pretty dress! She has one leg raised in the air already. 
Cutest ladybird coloring pages

Valentine Lovebug Coloring Pages

Love is in the air with this romantic love bug coloring page. This is a good one to print out, color and send to someone for Valentines! If you do want other similar images check out my heart coloring pages 

This pair of ladybugs are all loved up ready for February 14th! There are lots of hearts flying around! Maybe little kids might want to add some hearts of their own after they color in the picture. 

lovebug valentine coloring pages

I Love Ladybird Coloring Pages Printable

If you love ladybugs as much as my children do then this is for you! How many red hearts can little children count in this picture?! 

printable ladybug coloring pages

Coloring Pages Ladybug Eating Apple

My ladybug coloring pictures to print are so adorable! This cute ladybird has been hard at work and has decided to take a break to eat an apple! Ask little children what healthy snack do they enjoy most?

This little guy is surrounded by several other insects including a snail, a worm and a caterpillar! I can also see a bee in the air! What other bug coloring pages would you like to see here?

ladybird coloring pictures to print

Flying Ladybug Coloring Pages

Enjoy this ladybird colouring page which features the happy little guy mid air! It’s a sunny hot day and he is just about to land on a plant to chill out for a while.

flying ladybird coloring pages

Free Printable Ladybug Coloring Pages PDF

You can print as many copies as you like of this PDF. It can be used in the classroom for preschool and older kids. You can also print it at home or use it at Birthday parties. 

Ladybug Coloring Pages

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Which of these Ladybug Coloring Pages is your Favorite?

free printable ladybugs coloring pages

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