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Valentine Heart Coloring Pages 2024

These Valentine heart coloring pages 2024 for kids are perfect for February! Decorate each picture, write a message and send it to someone you care about! I have 10 free printable Heart colouring pages for you!

heart colouring pages valentine

Use these easy heart colouring pages to send love on February 14th, Motherly love on Mother’s Day or for a close friend’s Birthday! 

Hearts are everywhere on Valentine Day! We have heart shaped pillows, heart shaped chocolates and even hot air balloons in this shape!! I even have lots of heart shaped animals for you craft with your kiddies!

If you love these you may also like my rose coloring pages or my Valentine gnome coloring pages

As always I have featured a small selection of the best heart coloring sheets below! You can find the link to print them all at the bottom of the page.

Printable Heart Coloring Pages Valentine Day

Look at these cute hearts for coloring! Which one is your favorite? Do you like the heart with spots or the one with zig zags?

Perhaps you want to draw your own heart on this page and add something different in the inside. Maybe you might add smaller hearts or stars inside the heart. Little kids may wish to count the number of hearts on this page. 

Valentine coloring pages hearts

Heart Hot Air Balloon Coloring Pages

How romantic of these two bears to go a sail in a heart hot air balloon on Valentine’s Day. They are floating in the sky surrounded by hearts! This is one of my cute heart coloring pages. I think it would make a great Valentine Day card, so after coloring why not stick it onto some pink or red cardstock and give it to a friend!

Heart Hot Air Balloon coloring pages Valentines Day

Elephant Valentine Coloring Pages Hearts

I love elephants, I mean how cute was Nelly the elephant. One of my favorite cute heart colouring pages for Valentines is this little guy little spouting hearts to everyone! But doesn’t he look so lonely, why do you not try and draw another animal to keep him company.

If you love him as much as me you might want some more easy elephant coloring pages

elephant heart Valentine coloring page

Love Bird Coloring Pages Valentines

Look at this picture of love birds?! We have all heard the expression, ‘pair of love birds’. This is associated with lovers and is appropriate for Valentine’s Day! My heart coloring page features a clothesline of hearts and some cute love birds chirping away happily. There are heart balloons floating around also. Very cute Valentine coloring page. 

love birds colouring pages

Love Hearts Coloring Page Easy

This envelope is bursting with love hearts to color! How many hearts are there, does anyone know? They all mean the same thing, LOVE! 

love colouring pages hearts

I only featured five Valentine hearts coloring pages here but I could have easily showed you them all, because guess what I love them all!

Who will you send your completed heart color in pictures too? Will you add a message? You can write something on the back, fold the sheet and put it in an envelope and turn it into a Valentine’s Day card!

If you like the thought of making a Valentine’s Day card I have some great ideas for you including my love heart pop up card

You can find my printable coloring page hearts below:-

Heart Coloring Pages

If you like these hopefully I will have some more Valentine coloring pages available soon! If you can draw hearts though you can easily make your own!

Do you like these Valentine Heart Coloring Pages?

Valentine Heart Coloring Pages

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