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Monster Crafts for Kids – Fun Mini Mike Wazowski Craft

Our monster crafts for kids will bring one of Disney/Pixar’s greatest movies to your crafting table! Recently there was a sequel (or call it prequel) to the Monsters Inc movie – Monsters University. Here’s a fun craft to make your very own mini Mike Wazowski.

Pom pom monster inc craft

Mini Mike Wazowski craft

Taking a favorite movie and turning it into a craft makes it that much more fun – especially if the favorite character is the one you are making.

Mike Wazowski is one of the two main characters for Monsters Inc, and he is cute for a scary monster. Some people say he is the green guy from Monsters Inc. 

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Mini Mike Wazowski

Follow these monsters inc craft for kids instructions to make your own version of the Monsters Inc star.

We have used hot glue to make this, it does speed up the process but it is super easy to do with regular glue too. You will just have to hold the stuff together for a minute while it sets.

Craft Supplies:

 pom pom monsters supplies

  • Large pom pom (green)
  • 2 small pom poms (green)
  • 1 large googly eye
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Red craft foam
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Neon green pipe cleaner for monster legs Step #1:

Cut your pipe cleaner in half. Set one half aside for his legs.

With the other half, bend it into a U shape. At each end bend three fingers into the end.

Set this aside for a moment.

REd piece of foam for the monster's mouth Step #2:

Cut a mouth shape out of the red craft foam.

Make it into a half moon shape. This is Mike Wazowski mouth

More neon green pipe cleaners Step #3:

With the second half of your pipe cleaner, cut it in half again.

Glue a small green pom pom to the bottom of each one. Bend the tops slightly..

Step 4 - making monster's legs Step #4:

Twist the bent ends of each leg to the center of the arms you had set aside.

Space the two legs slightly apart.

Step 5 - the monster is taking shape Step #5:

Glue the arms and legs to the large green pom pom.

Step 6 - attachign the monster's googly eye Step #6

Glue your large googly eye, and half moon mouth to the center of the large green pom pom.

Set him aside to dry up.

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Monster Crafts For Kids From Our Visiting Crafty Critters

One of our visiting Crafty Critters, Michaëla, has made a mine Mike of her own. He turned out great! She said she loved the idea and he was so easy to make.

Michaela's monster

Michaela's monster resting on a compyter base

Do you like this Mini Mike Wazowski Monster Crafts for Kids?


Monster crafts for kids

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