Simple Q Tip Snowflake Craft Kids Will Love

It’s time to find some good winter activities and this q tip snowflake craft is easy to make and kid approved. Q tips are inexpensive and fun to play with. There are many crafts you could be making with them: flowers, bows and arrows, art, snowflakes and more.

Q tip snowflake craft

Simple Q Tip Snowflake Craft Kids Will Love

All you need to make these snowflakes with your kids are things you already have in the house: q-tips, glue, string and a pair of scissors.

If time is a factor when creating this craft, we have found that using a hot glue gun will speed up the drying time.

Of course, with hot glue, adult supervision is necessary.

If you want, use colored sparkles for the ends of the Q-Tips: try red and green, or blue and silver, or whichever colors your kids love best! Colored snowflakes will stand out more than the silver or white sparkles (like we used).

No two snowflakes are a like, so there is no specific measurements needed for the sizes of your q-tips.

You can also make it three dimensional by placing q-tips all around.

Be creative with these snowflake crafts for kids and make them all different! These are great for Christmas tree ornaments, or a gift for the teacher.

With just a few Q-tips, sparkles and glue we will create beautiful snowflakes for the Christmas tree, or just decorations around the house.

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Follow these instructions and let’s get crafting!

Q tip snowflake craft

Simple Q Tip Snowflake Craft

Yield: 1 snowflake
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: free

Here's how to make cute snowflakes out of q-tips. Kids will love making these.




Step #1: Use one Q-Tip as your base. Use a second Q-Tip and cut it in half. As well, take a third Q-Tip and cut each end off.

how to make q tip snowflakes

Step #2: Glue your 4 large pieces onto your base Q-Tip. Allow to dry.

making q tip snowflakes

Step #3: Take your 6 smaller pieces and glue one in between each of the 4 larger pieces. Allow to dry.

q tip snow flake

Step #4: Using the white string, wrap it around all the corners of your snowflake, until the center is covered.

Before starting to weave it around, make sure to leave a length of string. Do the same thing at the end.

snow flake made fom q tips

Step #5: Tie the two pieces together at the base of your snowflake. Tie the other ends of the string together as well.

q tip snowflake

Step #6: Apply your glitter to each of the ends of Q-Tips. Allow these to dry.

Q tip snowflake finished

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Do you like this Simple Q Tip Snowflake Craft for Kids?

How to make q tip snowflakes

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